Marching orders from Jesus! Time to get ready!

I have the older version of the Living Bible that was given to me by my parents many years ago.  In my reading this morning, I used this Bible.  In Luke, chapter 10, the Lord gives instructions to his disciples (the Lord chose 70 other disciples and sent them on ahead in pairs to all the towns and villages he planned to visit later).

Before you click out of this, because who needs more instructions, I thought it was so timely as we prepare for the fall!  Imagine yourself at the feet of Jesus asking Him, “What next Lord?”  “Teach me how to go about my job, my life and serve you better.”

Consider the Words of Jesus to be our marching orders! 

I like to pretend I’m actually in the story when I read the Bible.  I just see myself with quill and paper taking copious notes, and wondering who would be my partner. It would overwhelm me with anticipation when Jesus said that our job is to pave the way for Him.   This is real important, I better listen up to Jesus! 

Are we not here today, paving the way for Jesus’ return?!  He will visit later, and bring triumph and glory!  We are His ambassadors until that time! So many !!!!!  because I am shouting with joy!!!!!!!

The 10 Instructions of Jesus

(In parenthesis: What I can do today to serve Jesus)

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  1. Plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out more laborers to help you, the workers are few and the harvest is so plentiful. (Pray for others to come to a knowledge of Jesus’ love and grace and passionately serve!)
  2. Go now, and remember that I am sending you out as lambs among wolves. (Don’t delay! Make Jesus your  first priority!  Start right now talking about His love, and remember that the world may reject you, and that’s okay, because Jesus is  sending you!)
  3. Don’t take any money with you, or a beggar’s bag, or even an extra pair of shoes. (Don’t worry about money, clothing, or waiting until you can financially do things for Jesus.  Trust Him to provide a way, and know that He has the power and resources to take care of you.)
  4. Don’t waste time along the way. (Don’t get distracted by worldly things along the way.  Search your heart and see if there are any distractions that keep you from a relationship with Jesus.  Keep your focus on Him.)
  5. When you enter a home, give it your blessing.  The blessing will stand, or return to you. (Bless the people who God puts in your path with His words of encouragement, His love, and  with the giving of  your time and resources.)
  6. When you enter a village, don’t shift around from home to home, but stay in one place, eat what’s before you, and if they give to you hospitality or wages, accept them. (Build meaningful relationships, and remember you can’t have meaningful relationships with everyone. You must set boundaries.   Allow God to show you who, where, when, how.  And, if they bless you in return accept the gift.)
  7. If a town accepts you stay and eat what they set before you, heal the sick and as you heal them say this: “The Kingdom of God is very near to you now.” (Remember your source of strength and who you represent:  The Kingdom of God.  He receives all the glory.)
  8. If a town does not accept you, wipe the dust of your feet, and never forget how close you were to the Kingdom of God! (It’s okay when you are rejected. God is near, move on.)
  9. Those who welcome you are welcoming me ( Jesus). (Sharing Jesus’ love will bring sweetness of kindred spiritual relationships.)
  10. Those who reject you, are rejecting God who sent me. (Don’t take rejection to heart. Don’t take it personally and give up.  Remember those who reject you, are really rejecting the message of God.  Pray for them, and move on.)

When the 70 disciples returned, they joyfully reported to Jesus all their good works in His name.  Jesus reminds them that He has given them authority over all the powers of the enemy. 

Then Jesus himself was so filled with JOY of the HOLY SPIRIT ( I see Him laughing with me!) he said, “I praise you, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for hiding these things from the intellectuals and worldly-wise and for revealing them to those who are as trusting as little children.  Yes, thank you, Father, for that is the way you want it.”

Childlike faith…….Trust………There it is again!  We truly must approach our relationship with Jesus with the faith, trust, and joy of a child!

As the disciples were celebrating their success in ministry, Jesus reminded them that their greater joy was that their names were registered as citizens of heaven!  We have an eternal home – Heaven’s Avenue!

Jesus, may we take to heart your instructions, and truly know our GREATER JOY – that we are your children, heaven bound!

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