Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.(Philipians 1:3)

I have never known completely who has joined Arrested by Grace, unless you’ve personally told me. Sitting and waiting for my hair appointment today, I discovered that I can see who joined, because I have the author rights to edit, etc.  No one else can see your email.  I sat there reading the list of friends and family and was overwhelmed and prayed for you. I love my hair stylist, and actually started tearing up with her (She’s a Christian, too.) about the beauty of Jesus’ love, and the love I see in her. We had church together while I sat in her chair.  At one point she laughed and said, “I have got to cut your hair!”

Each one of you has your testimony that has mentored me beyond comprehension, and  you have a special place in my life.  It’s a reminder of why the blog – to pray for us, learn from each other, and spiritually connect.

The other thing I want to share which I truly can’t put into words, but here goes…

Think of these very words you are reading.  It’s my heart, my soul work, His tapestry in our lives as we connect with each other.  I don’t take for granted that you stop and take just a few minutes to read what God is doing. When you are vulnerable enough to write, you pray that others see that vulnerability and open their hearts to receive and share. 

Thank you

Just like a little child desires attention, hugs, nurturing, you being a part of my life is hugging me all over and nurturing my very being.  What healing!  What joy!  What a blessing!

Each time I write, I think of you, I give thanks to my God for you.

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  1. Shannon Wells says:

    Anna…..I love you!!!! I laughed when I read….” I have got to cut your hair!” U have really blessed me today and I was filled with joy when you said that you can see how much I love Jesus! I do I do….God is good ALL the time! I pray that other people can see how much I love my Jesus. It was very reassuring because I have many opportunities to witness to people and I hope that they may see what you see and want what I have. U are a great writer by the way…. and I am so glad you listened to the song! I knew you would like it! Thanks for letting me know I had to click follow to join. This kind of stuff is new to me because I am not a computer person but I am learning! Great words is encouragement for my husband and I shared them with him…. I believe that God is getting ready to do something amazing with him and I can’t wait to find out what it will be!

    Have a blessed night,


    1. Good morning Shannon! I’m new at all this too! I guess once I “approve” of your email I wont receive updates via my email when you post, so I almost did not see this new comment! So glad I did!!!! I’m not sure how the post Pursue Me got posted this morning either. HA! That was my third one to be sent out, three days from now, but God knows best! Maybe someone needed to hear about how much God loves to pursue them, love them, and guide them in ALL things! You are truly a blessing Shannon, and anyone who sits in your chair, is a person who will be blessed by your love for Jesus. I think of you touching the heads of so many people – their minds under all that hair (unless they are balding! tee hee) and how you have the unique privilege to silently pray in your mind, for their minds to know the love of Jesus. The missionary stylist! Peace to you dear sister, and thank you for the encouraging words! Anna


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