Face to Face

Revelation 22:4 says “They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads.”

Picture taken from: http://tabernacle-of-serenity.blogspot.com/

Do you remember being in the hospital as a mom or dad awaiting the arrival of your child? There is this single moment that overwhelms me for every child I’ve given birth to.  When you are there all alone, and they bring that little one all bundled up like a burrito and their little face peeking through, you look into their face and search deep within their eyes.  Their eyes struggle to focus, and don’t see much but something feels so familiar.  That searching for the first connection of a tender face to face is like a desperate search to find meaning.  For the first time it answers the soul question that we can’t put into words of “Why am I here?” and “Who will love me and take care of me?”

Earlier this week when I was walking and praying, God brought to remembrance this moment.  I wondered why that came up in my mind for it’s been awhile, my youngest is eight years old.  God impressed upon my heart to allow Him to love me in this way.  Search my eyes, my face, and let me love you like a child in the arms of its mother.

 I often feel like that newborn who truly is struggling to focus, unsure of my surroundings, and slightly afraid of this new place I’m in.  That warm comfortable womb felt great!  Where am I?  This is so unfamiliar!  Lord, why am I here?

God speaks to His children: “As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.”  (Isaiah 66:13)

There are so many earthly barriers to accepting this comfort, but there will come a day in which we will see Him face to face, and His name will be written on our foreheads.  I think of that moment with Him when I come into His Kingdom, and I see Him face to face – searching for His eyes.  In that moment when we lock eye to eye, I will be so transformed into His glory and love that it will be as if  His name is written on my forehead.  There will be no mistaken who I belong to, and it will be done! Nothing and no one will consume my being – only the perfect Love of Jesus!

Have you ever noticed that humans love to label their stuff?!  We like to put our initials on towels, purses, our names on license plates and sweaters.  When you fall in love that person’s name is all over your notebooks, book bag, and some folks love to tatoo someone’s name on their body. And, little children make it clear, “That’s mine!” We are born claiming our stuff and space. I don’t think that literally we will have His name on our foreheads (Not that I would mind – I mean I’m in perfect heaven!  Who would care at that point?!) but it’s a strong visual of YOU BELONG TO HIM!  You have been transformed into eternity of no sin, no barriers, no tears, no evil, no sickness…….FULLY AND COMPLETELY REDEEMED!  I even think about how children are protective of their parents and have separation anxiety. Then we grow to desire belonging to a group of friends, then we marry and belong to them, and then one day all of that is gone and we ultimately belong to HIM!  Even after writing that long sentence, I can’t even fathom this glorious, perfect belonging! 

So, in the waiting of that moment, I pray that we can daily meditate on His Word, seek His face, and know that He will comfort us. I pray that there is no mistaken of who I belong to, and His name would be evident in the daily activities that I’m responsible for.

Do you have a song that shares this truth?  Will you share it?  I’m sure there is a worship song out there that conveys this longing of seeing Him face to face!

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  1. Tom says:

    There is a song, “Face to face with Christ my Saviour, Face to face what will it be? Face to face in all His Glory Jesus Christ Who died for me.


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