Jesus is not a “tack on”

Peter’s words pierced their hearts, and they said to him and to the other apostles, “Brothers, what should we do?” Peter replied, “Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Acts 2: 37-38

My family heard a message on Lordship yesterday.  Most of the verses were very familiar; however, his comment of “Jesus is not a tack on to your life” made me profoundly chuckle.  It was a moment in which there was definite humor, but a seriousness to his statement. Is Jesus a tack on, or is He Lord? 

 After reading the verse above as a group he explained the piercing of the heart was the work of the Holy Spirit who lays our soul bare – exposed so that Jesus can heal and be Lord of our lives.  No preacher, church membership, good works can pierce your heart in this way, only the work of the Spirit who invites you to come and be loved by the One who created you.  It’s not so much an emotional response, although some have felt this overwhelming release and belonging, but a resolved intentional change to accept His love and Lordship.

When I researched the Greek meaning of pierced heart:  to prick, pierce; metaphorically, to pain the mind sharply, agitate it vehemently: used especially of the emotion of sorrow

We discussed three sentence stems that keep us from this Lordship:

1.  I want

2. I feel

3.  I need

So if my heart is pierced by the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, then perhaps there are points in which our minds are sharply, painfully challenged in this world.  The world says to do this and I feel, I want, I need ______________, yet I choose to ask myself what would Jesus want for me?  What does His Word say about it?  That’s Lordship.  When we allow every part of our lives to be under the love of Jesus and His Word. 

 I thought of the word sorrow in relation to the greek meaning of piercing.  It’s not a guilt sorrow, but a sorrow filled with unexpected joy and peace of a love so powerful you feel consumed.  

  Overwhelmed! Captured!  Pierced!

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  1. Toni Jackson says:

    I can’t speak for anyone else, though it’s safe to say that they may feel the same as I do, but you have truly been a blessing by starting this spiritual blog…REALLY! Thank you!


    1. Oh Toni, if you only knew how Jesus is healing me too through His Word and connecting in this quiet but profound way, like the Spirit at work – OMNIPRESENT! I’m overjoyed that God is blessing you, and your encouragement is a blessing to me. Truly……I know you pray ……and you are listening to Him….God is doing GREAT things in you!


  2. klasick54 says:

    Just read this as I’m catching up on email from vacation. How true this post is(as are all of your posts Anna). My current place in life has caused me to consider everything in what He wants or will allow in the future. I am great at it? No…Am I more in tune…Yes…Do I struggle with it everyday as I desire to make plans for the future…Absolutely…But I’m working on thinking and asking before I say I want, I need, I feel…..Thanks for the encouragement…..


    1. I’m so happy you were on vacation! It’s so awesome how God brings us to His reading and we share at just the right time! Today is the official day everything starts for families. What a great day for me and others to be reminded of that God has a plan for us way beyond our feelngs, wants, and even our needs! He promises to provide for us with GREAT MEASURE beyond what our mind can conceive!
      Praying for you………YOU are an encouragement!


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