Good morning everyone!  I’m sitting in my PJs praying for us.  I was looking at a Bible Study about anger and was reminded about the verse “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.”  Many of us will head out to our place of worship this morning.  If you read this prior to going, I pray that perhaps we can linger on this verse and ask God this question – “God, who am I angry with?”  For some of us, we have a list or a situation strong in our minds.  Try as you might, you can’t resolve that anger in a 24 hour period. Many sunsets have happened over that issue and its made its home in your soul. 

What if we just take today to acknowledge it and ask God to begin to heal us.  What a humble, mustard seed faith place to start.  Anger is a bitter root that all of us deal with constantly.  I don’t care how spiritual you claim yourself to be, or how strong your denial defenses are in a situation, anger plagues us.  I believe it’s because we are human.  As smart as humans like to think they are, I always giggle and say “my little peanut brain” needs the touch of the Master’s healing hand.  He is our shepherd, we are His sheep.  Spend more time in His arms talking and healing than ignoring or feeling so guilty about it you never work on it. 

“Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength and mount on wings like an Eagle…….”  Be patient with yourself, God is working a healing miracle in His time.  All He asks is to keep talking to Him,  to stay steady and constant in His Word, and to not “get out of the habit of worshipping with other believers.”  Thank you for being one of my Jesus habits.  I believe we are having church right now as I type, and the anticipation of all of us reading the same message and worshipping together! 

“I was glad when they told me to go to the house of the Lord!”  I hope to hear back at some point how Jesus ministered to you this morning at church!  Talk to you soon……

Let Him love on you today!  Every time that old guilt feeling comes picture Him holding you and ministering to you healing.

Need a worship song this morning on anger and forgiveness?  ENJOY!


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