How Great Thou Art!

Waking up this morning my mind was resting on all the things that needed to get done and the loss of a child my friend is experiencing.  I begin to pray.  I did not have any immediate answers but what God did was just remind me of how GREAT and AWESOME He is. It was a 5 minute rush of reminders from my girls.  My 14-year-old sent me a text “the moon and 1 star r out”.  She leaves so early for school she was able to see the moon and that one little star shinning bright.  We have a family history of seeing just one star in the sky and it has to do with Vivian.  I was having a very hard time with miscarriages and conceiving. On top of a mountain with one star gleaming in the sky I was praying hard 14 years ago for God to show me, “What next?” in my life.  After that mountain hike a pregnancy test showed me positive and through prayer her name was given to my husband – Vivian (which means alive!).  Right after that text my 23-year-old leaving for work sent me a text, ” purple flower on the mailbox.”  I turn on Pandora and one of my favorite songs, “How Great Thou Art” is on which is a great song about God’s wonderful handiwork and His Power!  I worship God and capture Him hugging me with remembrance of His faithfulness.  Thank you Jesus for those times when we just need a hug and you deliver.

Can you find the little sliver of a moon?  The star was gone by the time I could get a picture!

Listen to this beautiful song!

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