If you don’t believe in God, You have not sought Him!

Thank your for this precious post! I had wanted to reply several days ago following the post that spoke about the Jeremiah 29:11-13 passage! I wanted to say that one of my pet peeves with Jeremiah 29:11 (can you have a pet peeve with a verse of scripture?!?! ) is that it is referred to almost exclusively by itself and the BEST part for me is verse 13 “When you seek Me with all of your heart, you WILL FIND ME!!!” What an amazing promise! We don’t have to argue our faith…we simply implore others to SEEK the one true God. If someone says they don’t believe in God then I counter with “Then you have not sought Him, because if you seek Him you will find Him, His Word promises!!!” End of argument (or discussion!) Until someone is actively seeking our God, there isn’t much point in trying to convince them that He is REAL!!! Years ago, a friend did an embroidery piece of Jeremiah 29:13 for me that is now hanging in my guest room! If I were smart enough I would attach a picture of it to this reply!!

Love the encouragement!!!!!! A BIG HUG to you Anna and all your sweet blogging pals!!!!!!!!!!!


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