Stepping Outside Your Front Door

Sometimes in the running around we can run away by stopping and looking right outside our front door.  We can pause and listen to the birds (do you hear them in the video below?), see the sun rays beating on the ground, and as we walk through the door to face a list we can actually admire the flowers we placed on the front door for others to enjoy.  Jesus thank you for blessing each of us with YOUR world!

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  1. melinda clapp says:

    Oh my, just look at that sunflower!!! Never fail to think of precious Anna when I see one, or two or many!!!


  2. I love you Melinda! I think of you VERY often. Check your email – I need the power point slide again! 🙂


  3. Tom Lloyd says:

    It’s a gentle whisper that calms the mighty storm. His word I remember I’ll not leave you alone
    Jesus Jesus I whisper His name. Jesus Jesus He answers again. Jesus Jesus I whisper Your name


    1. I will speak of His name until the day I die! JESUS!


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