Believe! KNOW! Freedom!

Wonderful Holy Spirit moments happened today in response to discovering “one word” that heals for others.  A friend of mine text me and said that God truly spoke to hear heart after reading the post and for her the word was “FREEDOM”.  We had a text discussion on believing and within the believing finding freedom in Him.  Do you remember the song Desperado?  Many artist have remade this old song.  It has always spoken to the deep parts of me.  I know it’s not a Christian song, but I’ve found that God uses many worldly things we come across and uses them to speak to us.  There is a part in there about freedom and I started singing.  The song can be a metaphor for our wrestling. We build fences to protect ourselves and feel imprisoned.  Did you know that Jesus is called a “gateway”?  One part of the song says, “Come down from your fences, open the gate.  It might be raining, but there’s a rainbow above you.  You better let somebody love you.”  When we open the gate (Jesus) and believe and let Him love us we will experience FREEDOM!  I love the line that says – “Your pain and your hunger are driving you home!”  My sweet sister in the Lord is experiencing great pain and hunger and JESUS — the gateway — will guide her and sustain her.  It’s never too late…Let Him love you….Come down from your fences and open the gate….

I just opened up my blog and my sweet sister in the Lord, Char, gave her word:  KNOW, read below:

The tree reminds me that life always goes on, no matter what goes on around us. The walls could be significant to the walls we build around our hearts – to protect us, but they don’t really serve us well. The walls don’t let us feel our emotions and to love with all we have, just like those walls around the tree don’t let it grow to its full potential. When you talk about “believing” in your comments, I like to replace the word “believe” with the word “know”. I KNOW there is a wonderful God directing my life and loving me. I KNOW God is in the process of transforming me..I could go on and on…but KNOWING just seems like a more powerful word to use. I KNOW God put you in my life for a reason:-) LOVE YOU ANNA!


Another friend Joan wrote this:

Though barriers and darkness mount up around me, I keep looking upward to You O Lord to give me strength and hope.

In preparation for the storm today, my husband brought in a rose from the bush that would surely be destroyed by the storm for us to enjoy.  What beauty!  Parish’s act of love towards me and the symbolism was so profound.  God will protect us, keep us, and make all things beautiful.




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