Desperado – The song…

I hesitated to post the song because it’s not a Christian song.  I hope you can hear Jesus within the song.  I’ve always found that listening to Christian songs lift us and give us meaning.  I think that is why when I hear pop songs or remember songs from my past I try to put Jesus in them.  I remember being in the grocery store and hearing a song over the intercom  – You are so beautiful to me – and sang along – singing it to Jesus.  I worshiped telling Him how much I loved Him! 🙂  Does anyone else do this?  If not, give it a try!  But, I will always find complete joy when listening to worship music.  It brings healing to the soul!  The Bible says “He inhabits our praise!”


  1. He absolutely inhabits our praise! However, when we are in the midst of a trial, that is when He “infiltrates” our praise. It is the praise we offer when we feel our lowest due to pain, suffering, despair, etc. He comes and “fills us” with His Holy Presence .


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