Falling In Love With Jesus is the BEST thing I’ve ever done!

The single most greatest awesomeness thing I’ve ever done is falling in love with Jesus! What a great song to worship to this morning with a friend of mine from VCU. Her husband is a pastor, and she invited me to their praise and worship special service. It was a time of thanking Jesus for everything. It was a time of remembering who has been faithful through it all. A time to ask ourselves if we truly believe and live out our faith as a child of God.

It’s been a few days of connecting with new Christian sisters. At a conference a stranger to me in the flesh ended up to be my spiritual sister. We began talking and one sentence led to another and BAM! Holy Spirit – we wept together. Strangers connected in Spirit. We were chatting about the recent suicide of a student, her sister’s passing in the spring, and job related stressors that seem impossible and confusing. She told me that on the way to the conference her favorite song came on, and she lost all her eyeliner! I laughed! Sounds like one of my mornings worshiping Jesus! AMEN! She said it’s called Take Me To The King! I shouted, “God’s been telling me to know Him as my King!” I couldn’t wait to hear it. She said her sister would listen to the song when she was sick with cancer. The YouTube I chose was the story line of Esther in the background. If you haven’t seen that version of the story of Esther – it’s a must! Oh Jesus – breathing you in, breathing you out………… be my every breath! Take me to the King! (Play video below!)

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