Let Your Heart Be Light

I love Christmas music, and I am blessed that my family loves it too!  We had it going during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Some years I’ll treat myself to a new Christmas Album CD.  Guess which one I bought?!  Rod Stewart, Merry Christmas, Baby.  The first song on the CD is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.  That one line rang out –

“Let your heart be light!”

A side note.  I read on a blog post about how bloggers should not use ALL CAPS.  That crushed me!  I’m trying to be better about not doing that, BUT!  I must say, when I use all caps it’s for a reason.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  not sure if I can stop.

LET your heart be light!  The definition of that three-letter word is “to allow or permit”.  That really sounds like a choice, or a purposeful change to allow Christmas to be light.  The heaviness of this world is overwhelming, and my profession is filled with sadness and crisis.  My dear friends are suffering great loss, change, struggles……

I listened to that song the other day and was kind of annoyed with it.  Really?  “From now on our troubles will be out of sight?”  Today, God spoke to my heart about peace, the joy of the season, His love in the midst of our reality.

I’m resolved to practicing allowing, permitting, letting my heart be light, as I fill my soul with HIS LIGHT!  Emanuel – God is with us!

I do have a more serious post in my soul after meeting with a friend last night.  It was a professional relationship; however, we got real personal, and she touched my soul beyond belief.  It’s one of those things that you can’t talk about for a while.  More later…….

But for now….Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and LET your heart be light….

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  1. Cheryl Hamilton says:

    As we “let (permit, allow) our heart be light(free from stress, worry and fear)” , we need to remember that living in us is “the Light of the World”. As Jesus resides in our hearts, we need to “let” our heart (that shines with the love of Jesus) be light (illuminate the world). How beautiful the world would be if all those that loved the Lord would “shine” to all they come across each day. As an addition….think about the song..Let There Be Peace on Earth…in the same way and permit the peace of God to permeate our lives and spread throughout the earth.


    1. His light and peace radiating through us so that the world will know Him. AMEN!


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