A Reader’s Response – REJOICE!

DEFINITION OF REJOICE:  : to give joy to

Even though…… (fill in the blank with your situation(s)

I will give joy to Jesus for all He had done…..

It is so funny you posted this for after last Friday and the tragedy that was in Newtown, CT so close to Christmas I too was thinking about this. Then at mass on Sunday morning as we celebrated the 3rd Sunday of advent which the Church emphasizes the joy which should be in our hearts over all that the birth of our Savior means for us. The great joy of Christians is to see the day drawing nigh when the Lord will come again in His glory to lead them into His kingdom. Our pastor spoke to rejoice not in only the good things in life but also the difficult. For during these difficult times, that is when we look to Jesus more and need him more. He lifts us up on high for he experienced the struggles we have experienced and he and the father want only better for us as we want better for our children. We must endure/witness struggle and pain to overcome and triumph and be stronger as one. We are to go to the high father for our joy and sorrow and REJOICE. Hence my inspiration for my Christmas card, “REJOICE and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”. Matthew 5:12
I pray you all REJOICE during this Christmas Season and REJOICE during the new year. If you find yourself struggling on financial or emotional issues as so many of us do, remember to REJOICE. By rejoicing you will change for the good and so will others around you. My brothers and sisters, I pray you REJOICE in his name. AMEN!  Linda

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