A Puzzle Piece

My 8-year-old was reading the Christmas Story.  I closed my eyes and imagined myself there.  With tears in my eyes I rejoiced at the solitude of the moment and the stillness of the morning. Slowing down you notice things like the sun ray shinning through the window, and Santa’s red hat on your coffee mug.  The cleaning will come but for now let’s worship.  After her reading, it came time to tackle the list of chores and cleaning for family Christmas Eve party.  I thought to myself I did not want the worship to end.  When my eyes were closed, I was praying for God to take this overwhelming and persistent struggle and bring the puzzle piece that I needed.  I held onto the piece in my soul, but I wanted the matching piece.  Have you ever tried to put a puzzle piece with an un-matching partner?  We’ve all been guilty of forcing the piece, hoping this one will work.  Isn’t it funny to watch children putting puzzles together?  Who gets to put the last piece in its place? It is fascinating to watch!  I’ve seen a wrestling match over that one!

I get up and go to my phone thinking that I will listen to a sermon while cleaning.  I check Facebook and see that Tina has sent me a link to a radio talk that will rock your socks off–it matched my soul search unbelievably.  It was the puzzle piece I was looking for!  You are not going to believe this!!!!  This one is for you Linda!  The last line is about REJOICING! AH!!!!! GLORY BUMPS!

I’m certainly the million piece puzzle, and I think I might be up to piece 1,000.

Thank you Christian sisters and brothers for being a part of the puzzle and adding pieces to my life. Jesus is so good and so faithful to provide the pieces when we need them and how we need them.  Thank you Jesus.


I pray the link above works!  Click and enjoy!  It’s so wonderful!  Thank you Tina!

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