Connecting and Worshiping a Faithful God

Past and present are intertwined and the future held by God alone.  All time is in His hands!

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Finding my way to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, I look to the left and see my past.  Parking in the deck and meandering to my little table to worship, reflect, and create, I sense my future–prayers are being answered.  Across from my table is an old, grey building that used to be a nursing home where I would visit my Aunt Kate.

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I was 9, she was probably 89–she was amazing in the eyes of a little girl. A tiny room housed all her possessions and her greatest gift to share was a candied mint.  I would sit on the bed and suck on the mint forever it seemed.  Even as a child I marveled at how perfectly content she was to be in this room and the twinkle in her eyes.

God’s glory was all around me in the beauty of the birds singing, the trees blooming and shedding their blooms like flowered rain.  I thought of myself at 16 years old at the intersection of Grove and Monument.  Did I know at 47 I would be here, today, with this wonderful life? God is faithful.

Oh Jesus thank you for your faithfulness, your beauty, and your hand in all things.

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I trust you Lord with all the days of my life….

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