As the deer…

Shortly after writing the post, “Wholehearted Parenting” my teenager and husband joined me in the living room for a morning chat before the busy day of VBS and cutting grass.

Looking out the window, for the first time, we saw a mommy and baby deer in our front yard!  God you are faithful to confirm what You are teaching.  No matter where that mother deer scampered or ran the baby deer was right behind her–looking for guidance and safety.  The mother deer felt our presence and stared right at us as if to say–“This is my child! Stay back!”

Thank you Jesus.  What a tender moment for our family.  Of course I teared up and began to sing one of my favorite praise and worship songs–“As the Deer”.  To you alone Lord may my spirit yield.  I long to worship you, Lord!  The song shares that God, alone, is our strength and shield.  He is our defender–“This is my child! Stay back!”  Oh, Jesus, I love you so much.  So much….


A beautiful worship song–take the time to play and worship!

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