“Our Satisfying Treasure” (Post by Leslie Pendergrass)

I am such a happy-go-lucky person that I have never experienced really any level of despair-until this week! It was the oddest thing and honestly I was caught off guard by it.

For me the source of despair was connected with my disconnection from the Lord. Life is busy, we are so isolated from community, I was tired (insert all the excuses in the book).

I am so Thankful for conviction and the great peace that God invites when we fellowship with him. I have been reading John Pipers book, “Desiring God”and I have been stuck on his statement that Christ must become all “Our Satisfying Treasure” How HARD that can be when we find such (temporary) satisfaction in so many other things.


Oswald Chambers says, “As long as I remain under the refuge of innocence i am living in a fool’s paradise. ” If I will hand myself over to Him, I need never experience the terrible possibilities that are in my heart.

What a relief to know that our righteousness is not dependent on us (because we are surely failing), but that it is given through Christ.

Thanks for the great word! Praying for you today! ( Video–Overcomer by Mandisa)

P.S. I am listening to K-Love and Mandisa’s song, “Overcomer” is on-HA! I know you love her and what a perfect song for this email!


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