Praying for our children

Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord.

Lift your hands toward Him for the life of your young children.

Lamentations 2:19

Do we beg God for the protection of our children?  Why do we have to pray for our precious ones if God created them–fearfully and wonderfully created them.  God’s love is limitless.  He is slow to anger and boundless in His love.  As parents we desire for our children to know this love in a powerful and profound way.

Humility:  When we pray we humble ourselves before God and relinquish control.  Controlling, overbearing, and rigid parenting is filled with fear and lacks communication.  When our children see a parent on their knees asking for help they realize the power of God and a parent who is willing to say, “I don’t know all the answers but I know someone who does–let’s talk to Him!”

Honesty:  Parents are not perfect.  We often believe we have to have this persona of perfection in front of our children.  When we have honest and age appropriate discussions as a family about our weaknesses and how God is helping us, our children see that prayer and an intimate relationship with Jesus are key to change.

Happening:  God’s Word is “living and active”.  It’s not an old reference book used years ago and irrelevant.  When we pray God’s Word over our children’s lives we are speaking life into their body and mind.  It literally reaches their minds and hearts and heals, changes, builds roots, and “avails much!” (James 5:16)

When we are purposeful to live in the moment and be open to God’s Work, each day becomes an adventure with our children.  A devotional book written by Dr. Jordan called Breakfast on the Beach asked amazing reflective questions after each chapter.  I thought these would be powerful questions to ask at the end of the day with God, and as a family.

  • What is God showing me today?
  • What truth(s) is God teaching me today?
  • What circumstances are affecting my life today?
  • How is this day going to change the way I live?

You could also ask the same questions in prayer about your children and parenting.

For example, What is God showing me today about my children?  What truth(s) is God teaching me today about my children and parenting them?  What circumstances seem to be impacting my child’s life? How will I use this day to impact my child’s life and the way they are living?  The way I am living out my life as their parent?

This Day–Point of Grace

This day is fragile – soon it will end
And once it has vanished, it will not come again
So let us love with a love pure and strong
Before this day is gone

This day is fleeting when it slips away
Not all our money can buy back this day
So let us pray that we might be a friend
Before this day is spent

This day we’re given is golden
Let us show love
This day is ours for one moment
Let us sow love

This day is frail – it will pass by
So before it’s too late to recapture the time
Let us share love, let us share God
Before this day is gone
Before this day is gone

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