Sunset, One Star, God’s Glory

As your children grow up you spend less time on management of their safety and interactions with the world around them and more time on being mindful in the moment.  You are not jumping from one activity to another because their attention spans are longer and more focused.  Because of this, I had the opportunity to focus on God’s beauty at the ocean.  My husband and I decided to watch the sunset yesterday.  The glory of the Lord shined all around our simple beach chairs.  Looking up and around I felt as if the heavens were going to swallow us up and take us into His glory.  We had our own personal I MAX theater.

When I looked around me there were families, small children giggling, a little boy and his dog in love with each other, couples embracing….

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Unless they were close to our chairs the setting of the sun created a shadow on them–they were silhouettes.  I was so overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit.  I thought about Jesus’ return–Him coming in the clouds to take His children home.  God’s glory on the other side of this magnificent glorious sky!  Could heaven be more beautiful than this? YES!  The most wonderful thought was knowing that I will never have to leave!  All vacations end at some point and you pack it up and go home.  There will be a day when we will shed this earthly shell and we will be at rest, at peace, and overwhelmed with God’s glory for eternity.  No packing up.

After the sun set I came back to our beach house and I looked up into the sky to find my one star in the sky.  God has always confirmed His love for me in this way.  There is a huge back story to looking up to find one star shining bright in the darkness, and God saying to my heart “follow me and I will show you great things– I am with you”.  Can you see the star?


A song playing on my phone as I took my star picture:

God is constantly telling my husband and I we have nothing to fear!  I look back over our 24 years of marriage and think of our brokenness covered in the Glory of God.  Maybe as we age it does “get harder” and we often feel like we are falling.  We are not trying to “reach the land” but in the “hardness” see our Savior in all things as we journey home–heaven.  Meanwhile, my love, I deeply love you.  God gives us easy, His peace, in the midst of the hard.  We are broken.  Jesus, in our brokenness, we look to You for mercy, unfailing love, and Your joy in the journey home.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

BE THAT EASY (I like to add God’s name and message in songs!)

You God are like the sky
You held me up
To let me fly
That’s just like you to tell me I’ve nothing to fear
But I am a broken house…..

That’s just like you to tell me I’ve nothing to fear….

Now it’s easy for me to see
Full of air
Sun on my face
Wind in my hair
Falling up
Flying as slow as I can
I’m not trying to reach the land
Just falling up into Your Glory

Meanwhile, my love,  ……. I love you

031 032 033

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