Prayers needed tomorrow night for ministry

Dear Readers,

I did not realize that a team was prepared to go tomorrow night, Friday, September 13.  Below is an email, and I obtained permission to forward on.  She desires prayers.  Will you be in prayer for this ministry?  Pray that God will open up the doors of the clubs and that women will be receptive to God’s love?  I pray deeply that right at this moment a woman will feel the tugging of the Holy Spirit in which tomorrow night her prayers will be answered!

We actually do outreach tomorrow night in Richmond so please be praying for us as we come up your way to visit clubs.  There are two clubs specifically that have never let us in and we are really trusting God that we’re going to be able to get in this time.

I also personally have not been in a club for six months as the Lord has had me fulfilling a different role. But tomorrow night I will be going into the clubs.   I am trying to get myself emotionally and spiritually prepared to minister.

Sharon Thomas–Established Footsteps

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