Are you all in?

Something led me to get up early prior to church and work on the Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries Bible Study.  I had time to post some work from the study before leaving for service.  I had the pearl of great price on my mind and even asked myself, “Are you all in for Jesus?”  Remembering the study was on purity and teaching young, adolescent females about God’s way for intimacy, the other question became, “Lord, what needs to be shared and reviewed in order for the girls to be all in for Jesus?”  My heart is tender towards women and this area of intimacy.

Missionaries from India shared their work in the red light district.  As soon as the missionary said the word brothel and children, I started crying.  Before he even shared his testimony and mission work, I was crying. The first word should never exist, and the combination of the two is unbearable in my soul.

Woven in and out of his testimony and work was the woman who barged in on Jesus in the home of Simon the Leper and poured sweet oil on the head of Jesus.  She risked, dared, and was purposeful in her actions of extravagance.  She also risked being in the home of a leper.  But, you know, if Jesus hangs out with lepers–I will too, I want to be near Him–show Him how much I love Him.Project Rescue

Project Rescue is the mission work:

They go where Jesus is–brothels and the homes of the diseased, afflicted, and marginalized.  What we could call “modern day” lepers.  Not only do they risk their lives to rescue, they offer medical attention, a home, schooling, vocational training, and counseling.  This missionary couple who are empty-nesters now, at 48 years old, have 20 children to raise and send to college one day.  20 children–rescued from a brothel.  He showed a picture of the sweet children.  No different from your children–smiling, hopeful, desiring to be loved and cared for.

If you’ve ever played cards, there is a hand you risk it all for.  You push all your resources you came with to the middle of the table and say, “This is it!” and “It’s all I’ve got.”  When’s the last time you took a big risk for God?  A risk so big that if it “failed” you might just lose it all.  “A wasted life?”, you might ponder.  Then you are where God wants you to be–wasted of all material and earthly possessions for the prized pearl.

At the close of the service in which hundreds of people attended, the room became quiet for me.  I felt the eyes of Jesus looking into my soul reminding me of the question He asked of me that morning.  The pastor ended with this verse–“It’s kind of like the pearl of great price…….Are you all in?”  It was as if no one heard him but me.  My God, Jesus, You are talking to me–deeply talking to me.  How can you miraculously intertwine all of these events and speak to frazzled me?  What was equally moving is a text conversation I had with friend about sexual abuse.  Not exactly a great conversation for a busy Saturday morning, but God knew–He was preparing my Spirit to be open.

God is answering the prayers of women and children in bondage.  There are so many more who need rescuing–millions.

Resources to better understand this international problem:

Please take the time to learn more about Project Rescue.  Please be in prayer for those in bondage.  Project Rescue in India is making a difference in a 600 year old business.  I was amazed at how God has provided them buildings and resources right within the district.  God is doing great things through people willing to risk it all and say, “I’m all in!”–The pearl.

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  1. Laurie says:

    There is a young girl (college age) in our church who is a missionary to women in a brothel in Haiti. This devotional made me think of her.


    1. Such a young age to dedicate your life to serving the women and children of Haiti–I will be praying for her.


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