Passion Week: His people, dearly loved, and holy

We are God’s people…



He calls us holy and dearly loved!



Therefore, clothe yourself with









Col 3:12

As we begin passion week, may we embrace the love of Jesus.  In a world with great need, take time to personally embrace compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience through a personal and intimate relationship with Jesus.  Allow His spirit to wash you and remind you of how dearly loved you are!  You are His!

Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you–His world created for you to enjoy!

Notice how compassionate Jesus is towards you in your daily events.  A grateful heart brings joy.  See His kindness in the smallest of details and, with a humble spirit, thank Him for giving you so much that your life is filled and overflowing.  In a stressed world, feel the gentleness of Jesus through His loving words in His book and through praise and worship.  Sing to Him!  His Word tells us that He sings over us!  Perhaps you can imagine singing a duet with Jesus!

Remember all that He has brought you through, and His patience in your life.  His love is filled with faithfulness, and He is slow to anger.  Thank you Jesus.




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