A post from a friend brought a revelation that today a “to do” list will not happen.

Watching the sun come up, I hear the conversations of people and laughter.


The silence, the sound of the ocean, a picture text from a friend who has no idea I’m at the beach


evokes the tears that I’ve hidden and suppressed. God thank you for reminding me to never give up–keep going.

A family of dolphins are at play

And the birds are comfortable gazing and watching the miracles of God


No plans but to watch with them and sit in the silence–no conversations


Content to just be


No striving, performing, wondering, analyzing, figuring out…

Nothing matters but silence within in me.

Your body will let you know when words are not important and it’s time to quiet your soul.  It’s all been said a thousand times and you find that your voice is stronger when you speak less and quiet your mind.  The sound of God’s beautiful world brings answers.  I’m here.  I love you.  You matter to me.

001 002

Lord, remind us and teach us to slow down and enjoy the beauty of Your world.

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