God margin + yielding = God’s glory in your life

THE story.

From Genesis to Revelation.

“Let My people go, that they may serve Me.”  Exodus 8:1

God instructed Moses to tell this to Pharaoh repeatedly.  Pharaoh being the symbolism of the enemy who keeps us in slavery, and the deliverance from Egypt to the Promised Land, our journey from slavery to freedom in Christ and ultimate home of heaven.

As I read this verse, God immediately took The Bible and gave me THE big picture story.  We read chapters and verses that seem (but they are not) disconnected.


Can you hear Jesus crying out even today?

Let My people Go!

Okay, so why not come back Jesus?  This would be a great time in history for you to return and deliver us!  Yet, as I read on in my One in a Million book I had further aha! moments.  When the people left Egypt they could have been to their Promised Land in approximately one month of walking, but God took them the long route because He knew they would not make it if they faced war in a neighboring town, and if it were a shorter route.

So they traveled for 40 years.  40 years!

“What good are freed children of God who want to go back to Egypt?” (Acts 7:39)

God took them the hard way–the wilderness road to teach, prepare, and show them His glory.

So here we are as humans in this generation.  I’m not sure how old you are, and where you are headed in life, but know that your time spent here travelling and preparing for the Promised Land–heaven–is no accident.  Every step and circumstance has a purpose just for you.  We have a Father that is so intimate in our lives, and He has no favorites. You are just as important to Him as the most accomplished preacher.  He has plans for you that are just as important as the people you read about in the Bible.  You have your journey and it will not be a short route.



As humans, we are very good at reasoning and thinking.  We can think ourselves into a panic attack or disobedience to God’s Word.  Some like to call it rationalizing. Well what if this happens?  Oh gosh, if only I had…..

We go back to Egypt in our hearts….

We walk around in circles, year after year, circumstance after circumstance using the same patterns of “what if” worry and “if only” regret.  Instead of “going there” in your brain, yield and surrender to the moment or the season.  Embrace it knowing that God has His purpose as old as Adam and Eve, and before the world began.  You can walk these circles, but God’s work and His Kingdom will come regardless, and we can either yield, or worry.

In closing, I want you to picture this.  God’s people faced with war.  The odds are 4 to 1, not in their favor.  Although the odds are already stacked against them, God calls for greater odds, least His glory and power not be revealed.  By the time they go to war the odds are 300 to 135,000, again, not in their favor.  If they are to win, a miracle has to happen.

Your life as a Christian are these odds.  It’s what the author, Mrs. Shirer, calls the “God margin”.  So what is your 300?  The area, circumstance, the impossible odds that you face in which God’s glory will be revealed?

I strongly believe that the God margin is our journey home to heaven.  Don’t wait for the wilderness experience or wonder if you are in one–you are.  We are.  Look around this world.  Really look. I know some seasons are harder than others but remember this is not our home.  I’m not trying to be a pessimist, I’m actually embracing God’s glory.  Every day becomes an opportunity for me to embrace and believe that, today, God will reveal himself and miracles will happen.

Live in the God margin……

Claim your 300……

God is with you, and He wants nothing more than to show you HIS GLORY in your life.  And, His glory shines the brightest in the daily mundane and journey–He speaks volumes in the faithfulness of a servant pouring their life into others so that His love will be known.

For further study (and it’s only 5.00 dollars for 2 CDs!)


Devotions from Priscilla Shirer - Audio CD Volume 1





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