Nurses Give Hope

God’s work in my heart yesterday was confirmed when I saw a beautiful lady out and about.  She came up behind me and gave me the biggest surprise hug.  And, it was a bear hug.  A hug that made me say, “Oh, lucky me!”  Our joy could not be contained even in a public place!  God ordained that very moment for me to pray with her.  She had an examination that would be a determination of whether she graduated from nursing school.  What is so strange is we always see each other “randomly” (nothing random about God).  It’s times in which my soul needs her passion, love, and kindness. She is an overflowing of Jesus’ love in my life every time I see her.

So the day goes on in our lives.  We run here and there and all of a sudden God will say stop and pray, lift, encourage, or be still.  My 10-year-old had the awesome experience of praying with us, and then later hearing the news that she had passed!

Another amazing nurse in this world!

I’m reminded of my post for nurses’ week.  The rigor and passion that is needed to become a registered nurse and to care for the sick takes a very special person.  A person who is called by God to work tenaciously and pour themselves out to care for the most vulnerable.

Sweet Sara, It’s just something about you–

You are so filled with the promises of Jesus that my heart and soul bursts with joy when I see you.  And, when I see you, it’s like God is hugging me and reminding me to believe and trust in Him–He is good, faithful, and merciful.

For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

I read somewhere that we should strive to “give hope” to those we encounter.

Thank you Sara–thank you to all the nurses–that give us hope…..



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