Nurses! You Rock!

I remember when my singing, dancing, and acting daughter told me she wanted to be a nurse.  Here she was a Junior in a specialty school for the arts, and she went medical on me!  As she applied for colleges it was interesting to see her formulate essays based on her desire to be a nurse.   She wrote about wanting to learn more about the medical field, helping others, and her compassionate personality.  I watched her go through nursing school at Virginia Commonwealth University with a lot of joy, tears, and anxiety.  We would pray for chemistry exams, her first time giving a shot or a bed bath, personnel issues, grades, her exhaustion….  Nursing school is so different.  I compared her academic rigor to my experiences in college and hands down she had challenges I never faced.  When she graduated, I can remember exactly where I sat and how I melted to that seat. I wasn’t going anywhere, and my joy was overflowing, along with a lot of mama pride!  I personally made a choice in that very moment as a I watched the doctoral candidates obtain their degrees that it was my turn, and I eventually applied.  I’m in my last year of the Ed.D program at VCU.  Thank you Victoria for inspiring me.

Nurses are so special.  They are brilliant and have to think on their feet in a moments notice.  They support stressed out doctors and staff, and have to be the advocate and compassionate worker.  When family members come to visit their loved ones, they are counselors and boundary keepers for the patient.  They provide the loving touch in the middle of the night when family is resting and tears when a loved one is taken from this world.  They bathe, wipe, lift, carry, laugh, cry, offer, feed, assist, listen, and most importantly they pray (at least I know my Victoria does).

To all the nurses out there who are feeling under appreciated and maybe burned out–remember your original application to college and your passion and the call of God in your life.  Sick people can be mean and confusing and their family stressed beyond measure.  How you put up with this day in and day out is beyond our comprehension.  We pray for you and know that the only way you can stand tall and keep your compassion is through God’s mercy, love, and grace–His strength in you!

I remember your graduation just like it was yesterday!  Can you find yourself Victoria?!  I see your faithful friends right there beside you.  Remember this joy!

grad  grad2

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