Sweet Teas Southern Cuisine

After our post on The Roosevelt, I received several recommendations for our next adventure.  My dear friend Gail recommended Proper Pie:

I love the Roosevelt! A block up is Proper Pie…another wonderful place with pot pies, meat rolls and the best dessert pies around.  I agree with you Anna, Church Hill is magical.  –Gail

Other suggestions from my friend who works at VCU were Anthony’s on the Hill and Sweet Teas.

As my oldest daughter was away for her surprise engagement, I had to keep busy.  After working for most of the day at VCU with my precious Capstone group for my last year of school, I headed home and, as a family, we researched these restaurants.  We decided upon Sweet Teas!

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I had to keep my joyful mind busy!  The anticipation of the call, “I’m engaged!” caused this mama to keep busy! I even called a beloved friend, Sandy, who grounds me.

Sweet Teas is located on 1800 E. Main St. in Shockoe Bottom Richmond.

As we drove around the block to find street parking, we happened upon a wedding party!  GREAT timing!  Where is that phone call!!!!



This was truly a joyful restaurant!  Families and couples came to celebrate true Southern food like collard greens, fried chicken, fish, mashed potatoes….

019 018

She hasn’t called yet!  My youngest is just as excited as me.  So we decide to ask for crayons and write on the white paper they provide on each table.


I’m so distracted, I spell Spencer’s name wrong (the future groom) and have to creatively correct my error. While coloring, I notice the delicate plates and southern patterns.



She calls!  We rush outside so we can have a conference call!  My baby is engaged!


What a great place to celebrated “the call”!  I highly recommend this restaurant for some good family fun.

024 023

For more information on the owners and history:


This picture from Style Weekly captures the spirit of the place:

Co-owner Shane Thomas shows why customers feel at home at Sweet Teas, where the chicken and waffle is a top-selling dish.

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  1. Shirley says:

    Such great blog. I am so happy for all of you. Gods blessing on the young couple. love you


    1. We love you sweet Shirley! Look forward to celebrating with you in the days to come.


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