Metzger 801 N. 23rd Street Richmond, VA

To spice up our marriage, my husband and I have decided to make date nights an adventure.  We go to unique places and try something new and fun.  We fancy ourselves food critics and have conversations about the place surrounding its history, food, and atmosphere. The story behind the entrepreneur has always intrigued me.  I can listen to someone’s life story for hours!  This combines our love for spending time with each other, my love for writing, and his passion for cooking.

My husband loves to cook and eat meat.  Southern Living recently posted their top 100 restaurants and  a few Richmond area restaurants made the top 100.  Metzger Bar & Butchery was one of the restaurants mentioned. They have a retail and restaurant option.  Metzger is located at 801 N. 23rd St. in Richmond.  For more information on their menu and history, you can click on their name above.

They pride themselves on creating an atmosphere and dining experience of “rustic, seasonal, and German-influenced food”.


We started with choosing from the daily selections of meats and cheeses for an appetizer.  I was blown away with all the different names of meats and cheeses.  Have no fear!  We had an amazing wait staff to explain each one.  She shared what it would taste like, what you could compare it to, and she was extremely knowledgeable and passionate.


The tables and chairs were in the style of rustic butcher shop, but they pulled off romantic fun, too.  The music and lights adjusted as the night went on to accommodate a soft but fun ambience.  I noticed little things, like the sunset over Richmond and the pink and purple colors in the sky flooding through the windows.


Little things like the wait staff making sure everything was clean and perfect.  I actually saw the waiter hold up a glass to examine its worthiness to be used by the customer, and little touches like votive candles on the table.

My husband ordered the pork chops


Smoked Pork Chop, Mushroom Spätzle, Arugula,

My husband loved the fact they took the time to produce “grill marks”.   I ordered the chilled soup and bacon German potato salad.

Corn, Creme Fraiche, Speck, Dill

There are some things you should not do out in public–just bad table manners, but I could not help myself.  The pork chop was so tasty, I just had to —


If you are looking for good German food in a friendly, romantic atmosphere, I recommend Metzgers!  Their menu changes to keep it fresh and fun, and they offer unique dishes.  My husband is the best “meat cooker” I know.  This place came very close if not matched his skills.  Street parking is available.

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