When you Worship you Pray Twice!

“When you worship you pray twice.” That was an ongoing quote shared during the ladies’ retreat weekend. This morning on the way to work, I was praying to God about a conflict in which words were spoken in haste, and the residual effects were looming on the way to work.  A worship song came on the radio and I began to “pray twice”

“The least I could do is leave this offense at the foot of the cross considering what you’ve done for me.”

As I prayed and sang out that line, I realized how I needed to work towards forgiveness of an offense. It’s what God calls us to.  He has “given us the ministry of reconciliation”.  This is one of the hardest ministries we will ever serve.  I think we would sign up to dig ditches in the hot sun, than to be reconciled.  It’s hard.

Jesus prepared me for that moment a day prior.  The same radio station was sharing the character of Jesus–The God/man who washed our feet.  A simple statement brought chills and tears, and I prayed to God to give me that same kind of grace towards those who hurt and disappoint us.  Jesus washed the feet of Peter, who denied him three times.

God’s Word says that if we compare ourselves to others, which we often do in an offense, we “lack understanding”. He also reminds us to have a soul/motive check–“Who are you serving?  Man?  or Me?”  If you seek to please man, you do not serve God.

May the One who washes our feet and provides grace and mercy fill us.  May our eyes be fixed on Him as we strive to not only love others, but love ourselves the way He sees us–fearfully and wonderfully made.  Psalm 139

I am not alone, Kare Jobe

Amazing Worship Song–Pray twice with me!!!

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  1. Tom Lloyd says:

    WE are not alone. We have each other and Praise God we have His Spirit that dwells with us whereever we are!


    1. I loved that song so much! Praise God!


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