Random Acts of Kindness

Yesterday was filled with typical school social worker duties.  When I showed up to the main campus of our local high school, a dear friend of mine was playing a CD as background music before our next meeting.  The CD?  It was the CD my oldest daughter made for our 25th wedding anniversary.  All the songs had special meaning and represented a time, a place, a season.  As each song came on while we were working, I’d tell a quick story about the song….. Grow Old Along With Me ( a renewal of vows), Ease On Down The Road (a duet we sang and recorded as a video at Kings Dominion 20 years ago), Household of Faith ( a duet we sang at our wedding)…….

This small act of kindness and sincere love meant the world to me.  It was an answer to prayer to be drawn close to my husband…….

An unexpected Holy Spirit gift from a generous friend…..

Today, be creative and be someone’s encourager.  It cost nothing but her creative mind, a sincere willingness, and a beautiful smile.

Pray and ask God to show you how to lift someone up.  It could make all the difference in their day.

Jesus, may we display the fruit of the spirit and love and show kindness…

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