Misfits find an Open Door


The simplest of clubs have a set of qualifications or bylaws in which you follow to belong. If you don’t have the qualifications then you don’t belong. Most of our lives we either belong, or feel out-of-place–“misfits”. We don’t fit the mold or expectations.  In some cases, we are okay with the lack of our name on the roll, but in some cases it stings. You may experience feelings of loneliness, shame, or unworthiness.

“The clubs range from informal to formal in gatherings. But the one thing they have in common is the principle of exclusion. Identity or worth is achieved by excluding all but the chosen…but with God there are no outsiders.” (The Message, Book of Luke Introduction, pg. 1404)

We often read from the book of Luke during Christmas.  His detailed description of the birth of Jesus is often read in our homes and places of worship. On Friday night, my Bible study group concentrated on the relationship between Jesus and Mary as we celebrated the mother/daughter relationship.  On Sunday, our pastor spoke on the Christmas story and had this picture of Mary and Jesus.


We were running late for church, and I walked into the above picture displayed on a large screen.  When I sat down and began to read Luke while gazing at Mary and Jesus, I felt overwhelmed with the desire to hold Jesus, kiss His face, and tell Him how much I love Him.  We often pray for Jesus to hold us, but I wanted the time and space to worship Him and give back to Him in gratitude and resolve.

I love you Jesus.

When you read the book of Luke, you will see how Jesus loved the outsider.  He ministered to women, common laborers (sheepherders), the racially different (Samaritans), the poor.  All of us who have found ourselves on the outside looking in on life with no hope of gaining entrance now find the doors wide open, found and welcomed by God in Jesus. (The Message, pg. 1404)

I sent this message of love to a sister in Christ who confirmed Jesus’ love:

“Oh what an honor to be in a position to lean in and kiss the face of God!!!! I am overjoyed to see this image.  It makes me think of all the women in the Bible who “touched Jesus”: The woman with blood issue, the sinful woman, and of course Mary Magdalene at the day of Resurrection.  I am reminded of how God always allowed women to be in that unique position to be closest to Him. Praise God for His mercy on us!  How can I get closer Lord?!”  Dr. Kim Lemite

I’m not sure of your circumstances today as you are reading this post. God does. He desires to lift you and guide you.  Through the work of Jesus–His birth, His ministry, His death, and His Resurrection, the door is wide open.  His love is a free gift that lasts for all eternity. You will not need insurance, a lawyer to review the bylaws, or to be set up on payment plans–His love is free.  You only need to walk through the open door.

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.  John 10:9

After writing this post I worshiped with this Compassion Hymn by Keith and Kristyn Getty.  OH PRAISE GOD–SPEND TIME WITH HIM…..LISTEN…CLOSE YOUR EYES AND WORSHIP….

“He pardons the scoffers and gives grace to the thief.”

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