Mrs. Kistner’s Bread

On Sunday, I found myself up in the attic with my daughter of 27 years.  She was gathering items for her new home as wife and mother to our sweet Adelaide Louise.  As we began to go through boxes, she found her old middle school journals. We laughed as she talked about crushes, SOLS, teachers, homework, and friends. Among the middle school drama was this culminating comment on a particular day–


“…but Mrs. Kistner gave me some of her homemade bread and made everything better”.

If you know me, what did I do next?  Yes…..

…teared up….

“Oh Victoria………”

I thought about my sweet friend and sister in the Lord, Mrs. Kistner, and all our memories working at Chester Middle and Thomas Dale.

God’s love and kindness played out day in and day out over the years counts.  A piece of bread to a child in middle school, a hug, kind words, a listening ear…..

A letter and act of kindness might show up in someone’s attic, but it definitely shows up in your God story–His story played out in your life.

May we practice the kindness of God.

Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.  Colossians 3:12

As I am growing older, the memories and the acts of kindness are adding up and overflowing like a waterfall –a cascade of blessings, over and over again.  There is never a day that I am not reminded of the love of friends, family, and Jesus.

Thank you God for using your children to love on each other and for reminding us at just the right time of life events and those who walked with us.  A loaf of bread and a letter in the attic years later reminds us of your faithfulness and how it all is connected and eventually takes us home to eternity.  The pieces add up and paint Your story in us.  May we seek to be an artist of Your love and kindness using our talents and gifts to show your love.

Thank you Mrs. Kistner….


These girls have been together since elementary school.  It was great going down memory lane with you in our attic. We love you so much!

middle school KATIE middleschool2 middleschool3 middleschool4OLD WOWwow2wowpicturespendthenightpic








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