You’ve got about 70 years..

I have enjoyed the options on Netflix.  They have a category for Christian viewing that features the reading of God’s Word.  I cleaned my house listening and watching The Gospel of John.  The other night I began to watch the book of Daniel.  Daniel at a tender, young age was taken from his homeland to live in a pagan world as a captive. His freedom was stripped away, and his faithfulness to God was seemingly shattered. Instead of adhering to the culture, He trusted God and spoke with confidence to leaders and those in authority about His God.  He would not eat their foods, adhere to their practices of idolatry, and He gave God all honor and glory knowing it might cost him his life. Daniel was respectful to those in authority, but he never apologized for loving God. Take the time to watch this trailer to inspire your desire to watch the movie.

Daniel prayed to God for comfort and wept, but He remained faithful.  He encouraged his friends by the reading of the scripture from the prophet Jeremiah.  Jeremiah had warned them that they would be in captivity for 70 years, and the prophecy came true.  His friends reminded Daniel of how long 70 years would be–“We will be old men!”; and they reminded Daniel of how far away they were from home.  “We could be killed!”

Daniel, like Esther, knew that they were spared and in a foreign country for such a time as this.  Instead of a doomsday approach, Daniel embraced his position and encouraged his friends to do the same.  As you continue to watch the movie, or read the scripture, you see how God used the captivity and Daniel’s position to fulfill His purposes.  Daniel and his friends were not in the Bahamas on a vacation–far from it.  They were watched, judged, accused, tested, shamed, thrown in a furnace, and thrown in a lion’s den for dinner. God remained faithful and used their boldness to change the mind and practices of a kingdom.  In fact, the king ultimately honors and accepts the God of Daniel.


How do we raise “Daniel” children in this culture?  Most of us will live to at least 70 years old, or by God’s grace longer.  What will we do to live a life of Daniel while “captivated” for 70 years in a world that questions our faith?

“But it is no shame to suffer for being a Christian.  Praise God for the privilege of being called by his name!” I Peter 4:16

I pray that we will rejoice and praise God for the privilege of being called a child of God!  With boldness, respect, and love–worship Jesus, carry His Word in your heart and mind, and know the scriptures.  When and if the time comes that we are tested, His Word will spring forth, and we will courageously proclaim His name.





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