Becoming: Your Life Matters

The ultimate purpose within life is renewal. Each day you awaken to a new day, a slight change in the budding flowers, or the climate. Many would argue that we live in a world in which the opposite is true. Over time our bodies deteriorate, and our earth’s resources are depleted.

After watching my sweet grand-daughter, Adelaide Louise, come into this world, I realized the deeper meaning of renewal. As my first born laid in the bed preparing herself for labor and delivery, nothing seemed predictable, only the final outcome of a baby will be born. My husband and I took a walk around Richmond so she could possibly nap before the labor.  Little did we know that her husband would text us and say, “She’s ready!”  “What?!”  We ran! There we were at the State Capital admiring the beauty of the grounds, and then, like Superman, we flew to the 6th floor of MCV.  I don’t remember how my feet got me there so fast, but God provided speed and energy.


IMG_6037 (2)

As she pushed, little by little sweet Adelaide’s appearance became a reality; I knew I was blessed beyond measure to witness this renewal and birth.  The nurse described how a baby will move forward with a contraction, but after a contraction, the small body slides backwards until she moves into to the final stage of delivery.

IMG_6038 (2) IMG_6029 (2) IMG_6023 (2)

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In Matthew 24, Jesus shares the signs of end times.  What will the future be like? Like the disciples and those during Jesus’ ministry, we all wonder about our future. After sharing, Jesus describes the events like “birthing pains”.

The experience of Adelaide’s birth brought me full circle with this verse and our eternal home. We do not know the day or time; We will experience suffering in combination with pure joy; We find ourselves moving forward and shrinking back; We stay the course in love, faith, hope, and a belief that human life is all that matters.  Your life matters.

13567159_641057289377374_7488860365413232394_n 13557951_641058746043895_3547327104139668871_n

One day we will leave this place called earth and wake up in the arms of Jesus.  Your life matters.

Your first breath

Your name

Your purpose

Your becoming

Your renewal

13510875_641489946000775_4929969123673535768_n 13439224_641489969334106_4708866427396454943_n

2 Corinthians 4:16

Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.

Yes, your body and this earth is wasting away, but I beg you to stop and remember your daily renewal.  Who you are becoming matters; because God, your maker, is renewing you by His Spirit for much more than you can imagine. Jesus often renamed his disciples. What do you think your new name would be?

Even in my daughter’s physical pain, every step of delivery had a purpose.  There was no mistaking that giving birth is a natural event, created by God, to bring His children into this world to be loved and to express His love. Oh the anticipation between contraction, rest, contraction, rest….and then…..



IMG_6043 (2)

Her beautiful head and face are brought forth into the world…

She cries………..

She struggles………..

She searches, even though her eyes can’t see, for a touch, a familiar voice, and comfort.  Jesus desires to renew us. We can find comfort in His arms.  My daughter’s new name?  Mom.  Mine?  Gigi!  Thank you Jesus for this renewal and adventure!






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  1. Louise says:

    Being in a time of Harvest makes everyday a day of praise for the beauty God is
    surrounding our lives with…… We see his glory everyday……one example….Adelaide !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy Adelaide will be in your arms too!!! We love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️


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