Rest, Growth, Harvest

A beautiful evening…

Prior to our painting event, God led us to study Mark 4:26-29, in which, Jesus used the story about the seed.  Are we in a time of rest, growth, or harvest?  No matter what season, God tenderly loves us through it all.  As we shared our stories, I was amazed at the personal reflections of each God story.  With only a few words, each of us heard the work that God was doing, and the faith that He will continue that work.

I laid in bed praying for my friends and loved ones.  To share your heart is a treasure–a gift of vulnerability that is sacred.  I appreciated my mom’s comments on her time of rest at 84 years old, and how our home allows for her and my father to rest in this chapter of their lives.

A harvest of adult children coming home from college

Growth of a baby in a womb

Growth from a new and God-ordained job and wedding to come

Rest from the work to focus on small children this summer

Rest and patience for the growth to come–“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…….”

Growth in discipline to follow God’s will and obedience so that rest will come

Understanding that rest, growth, and harvest can simultaneously be going on in different areas in your life and to trust God in the journey and listen–be in the moment without anxiety

Growth of a new job and transition to a dream realized

Growth in transitions and possibilities of new jobs, adventures, careers

Celebration within the growth and harvest

As we painted, I realized the symbolism within the process.  We began with a blank, white canvas but our instructor had carefully ordered the steps.  God brings direction and order to our journey.  It is up to us to show up, pick up the paint brush, and begin the work.

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Each step had purpose.  Some steps were more challenging.  Directions needed clarification.  In those times, we sought each other’s support, and we reached out to our instructor for personal guidance, and sometimes, we just asked her to pick up our canvas and “fix it”.  The instructor would always ask, “Is it okay if I do this for you?”

13432430_640332569449846_6733452311695767241_n 13494746_640332692783167_286719609380335846_n 13516230_640332689449834_8555838351830647031_n

In our times of growth, God will intervene and ask hard questions of us.  Our obedience is our willingness to hand over the canvas and let Him work.  Give up control.  Friends beside you laughing, agreeing with you that “it” can be hard, and allowing you to see their mistakes and triumphs spur us on.  One of my friends actually used that word–“spur”.  We laughed and agreed that God’s Word confirms the “spurring on” in this journey.

13529186_640334149449688_3458973445651295227_n  13494762_640332409449862_6465038948892164713_n

From the rest, to growth, to the harvest….


As we began to finish up our painting, the progress was exhilarating!  Although each of us had similar paintings, we all were at different points of the process, and, at each step, we celebrated!  From the white canvas to the finished product!  Complete!  Beautiful!  The hard work paid off!  If we were to quit during the difficult or confusing times of rest (some of us took breaks for more cookies), or growth (outlining the flower), our harvest, or completed masterpiece, would not be realized.  The rest was important and gave us renewed hope as we came back to the process.

As we began to finish the work, it was obvious that we gained more confidence with each passing step. One step accomplished took us to a new level of growth and completeness!  We really are artists!  My mom shared, “Just call me Picasso!”  My friend’s husband called her “Mocasso”.   Her name is Monica!  🙂


I appreciated the comments shared while painting.  Stories of babies, jobs, dreams, hopes, failures, insecurities, and most of all laughter.  My beautiful friend at one point put her hand on Victoria’s belly and Adelaide jumped for joy! All of us prayed over Victoria with a special prayer from a friend shared on a prayer card.


This journey is not for wimps, and we need each other.  We need to be okay with who we are right now in the journey.  Give God our canvas of dreams, follow in obedience His steps, lean into Him, and laugh with friends.

Today Adelaide will be born.

My daughter’s growth; our harvest.  God is faithful.

Thank you friends for a beautiful night…..


Please contact Tina Oberg for your night of fun!

Tina Oberg:  804-690-1431, text or call for your painting event!




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