Nana’s Coconut Cake

This recipe is from our Nana Reardon passed down to the generations and new brides setting up their favorite recipes for their kitchen.



One box of your favorite Vanilla Cake Batter Mix, or you can make your favorite cake mix from scratch

Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut (1 -2 cans) depending how sweet you want it


Frozen tub of whipped cream thawed


Enough sweetened coconut to cover the top (approximately a bag)


Make your cake in a sheet cake fashion and let it cool

Poke holes all through the cake on the top

Pour your mixed Coco Lopez all on the top so it soaks into the holes

Cover top with the whipped cream

Sprinkle with coconut

I usually let it cool, but start the process when it’s slightly warm so the Coco Lopez can melt a little into the cake.  You can also heat the Coco Lopez if it’s “lumpy” prior to pouring.  You can sprinkle a little bit of coconut on top, or pour it on.  You decide!

This recipe will make your home smell delicious and tasting along the way is divine!

Refrigerate.  In fact, it tastes better the next day after coconut has had time to settle. We also like to eat the cake after the baking process –slightly warm.  You can’t go wrong with this recipe.

We miss you Nana.  Your love for cooking, family, and Jesus lives on in us!




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