New Beginnings

Today was the first day back to school for most. I know some divisions started over three weeks ago, but just imagine, today, being the first day.  Yesterday, I was in a strange place. Trying to figure out how to say goodbye to summer and hello to school, sports, dance, homework, and the myriad of lists of things to do. I had a sense of confusion, a tad of panic if I went to far out on the calendar, and sadness–time marches on, my babies get older. Between my youngest trying on her outfit and me trying to pretend I was a member of the Starfleet Academy (I was watching Star Trek), we were all trying to cope with “the night before”.


The morning comes and all your prep work plays out. I purposed to wake up early and exercise, and my favorite spot to do so was totally revamped! I showed up after a summer of lazy daisy, opened the door to bright walls painted, floors redone, no hot yoga smells, and smiling faces asking me if I took the challenge! Yes! I’m here to take the challenge! I can’t tell you how this NEW made me change my mindset. A coat of paint, a new floor, decluttering….WOW! What a metaphor.


So, I challenge you my friend.  I know it’s strange getting a year older, and maybe your life is humdrum, or maybe you are in insane chaos, but you can have new beginnings.

I encourage you to take a challenge in one or two areas of your life, join Starfleet Academy, and “make it so number one”.


Your categories are simple–

Spiritual–What are you doing to be mindful, prayerful, and/or connecting with God?

Intellectual–What are you doing to stretch your mind and learn something new, take a risk?

Physical–What are you doing to take care of your temple, or body?

Emotional–What are you doing to care for your emotions? Could you benefit from counseling? Laughing? A meaningful cry with a great friend?

My goal is to go to hot yoga for 3x a week for one month, and to create a habit of going. I need a physical make over. The other categories are grooving for now and some are on overload.  I need balance.

My brain is full, but my bum is wide. You get me.

NEW BEGINNINGS! Take the challenge–I dare you!

The first person to respond to me with their challenge, gets one free session to Bikram Hot Yoga!

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