The pieces matter most

Restoration is defined as “bringing back to its original state or improved state”.  How often do we seek to improve or restore that which is broken? It seems that we are in a constant state of fixing. From appliances, projects, and relationships, we are curious and have a sense of “this could improve”.

I stumbled upon a book I downloaded years ago on my phone, I Have Loved You by Cynthia Heald. In Chapter 3, she shares a personal story about a teacher who inspired her through relationship and wisdom. After several pages of describing this beautiful teacher/student relationship, she acknowledged that no one can guide us more perfectly than our heavenly Father.

The Father is the only One who can hold us close in intimate love when we go to Him to be taught.

When we surrender to this beautiful relationship, there is a sense of peace within our confusion and attempts to fix or restore. We begin to acknowledge that we are not in control, which can be a good thing if we really release and let go–Let God.

I know that You can do all things,

And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted…

Hear, now, and I will speak,

I will ask You, and You instruct me (Job 42:2,4 NASB)

How marvelous to show up to a class and learn everything in the first day and graduate. As ridiculous as this sounds, as children of God we want the end result to be instant! Suffering through hardship or difficult questions, in which all imaginable outcomes run through our mind, can be a terribly anxious affair. As I watched my daughter’s dance recital, there was a song called “Clean” by Natalie Grant that was played as a lyrical team danced to the precious words. I saw Natalie Grant in concert a few years ago, and this was a song I remembered. She shared the story of a friend who had experienced trauma in her past as a child, but found herself dealing with the details as an adult. From the shared pain, she wrote this song. The friendship that was displayed between the two women along with the song emphasizing that only God could restore provided a beautiful example of the journey in our suffering or fixing.

As I was praying for a situation, I remembered the line “You are restoring me piece by piece”.

Piece by piece, step by step, we can trust that He will be faithful. Take notice of the pieces and rejoice. Imagine and claim your future with great hope, but always remember that an end result began with faith and trust that the little pieces matter most.

Thank Him for the pieces. What you see as broken, God sees as beautiful.

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