Christmas Get-a-way: Tax Hallow Hill Mountain View Cottage

We started our get-a-way search two weeks prior to Christmas Day. After hours of considerations, cancellation, and searching we found the perfect spot. Although the search took longer than expected, the wait and hassle (cancellation from an airbnb host) we found the place!

We stayed at Tax Hallow Hill Mt. View Cottage in Madison, Virginia.

Description of place:

Welcome to a serene get away sure to give you the break you need from the hustle of daily life. The cottage is fully furnished, climate controlled, and nestled on the edge of woods and pasture land providing spectacular views of the Appalachian Mountains. If you like to wander and unwind in the outdoors, there are 50+ acres of rolling farmland to enjoy including a 1-acre pond stocked with Catfish, Bass, and Brim. We also provide Wifi (4G broadband) to keep you plugged into the world.

The space

Between the main floor, loft, and basement area, the Cottage is just over 1000 square feet. Vaulted ceilings and multiple large windows on the main floor and loft area create a bright interior and afford great views of the surrounding woods, meadow, pond, and mountains. The basement (also fully furnished) does not connect directly with the main floor/loft area and is accessed through a separately locked door in the rear of the cottage. This allows privacy for multiple couples traveling together.

Jene is your host along with her son. They are very responsive, kind, and helpful with your stay.

We enjoyed the sunrise in the morning from our deck.

The animals and birds were constantly at play. Honestly, some of the noises I could not identify–maybe a donkey? We took long walks on the property and enjoyed fishing from their pond. You have an amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and when the sun is rising they glow a beautiful pink/rose color. Oh the stars! At night we would sit out back on the deck and gaze up at the stars–millions, billions of stars vibrant and full of God’s glory! Parish has an app on his phone called Sky Guide that locates and names the constellations. You hold the phone camera up to the sky, and the app displays the constellation.

What was unbelievable were the rainbows. We saw rainbows (yes multiple ones) spread across the sky. On our walk to a winery, we looked up and saw a rainbow circled across the sun, and a rainbow above the sun. The winery we walked to was called Early Mountain Winery and only 1.5 miles from the cottage. A breathtakingly, adventurous walk!

Our joy was the quiet. No noise or light pollution can overwhelm your soul. We researched the type of rainbow we saw, which was also on a movie we watched later that night, The Aeronauts. The rainbow is called a Halo (optical phenomenon). Other names: Parry arc and glory rainbow.  Parry showed me God’s glory!


We had a plan for my youngest and her friend to join us to go skiing at Massanutten. Unfortunately, my daughter became sick, and they couldn’t come. This allowed for Parish and I to connect as a couple and rest. I love being a mom, and I love her best friend. I was planning a great girlfriend get-a-way, but God planned differently, and we shifted gears. We turned our time away to reading, dancing, sharing in games, walking, resting, and re-connecting.  This was only doable because of the  love and support of my parents and my oldest daughter and her husband. Thank you.

My husband is an excellent cook, and we found a local grocery store (4 miles away), and he cooked Steak Oscar!  We decided to use crab meat instead of shrimp. We highly recommend this recipe. We also threw food together from home to bring, and we had fun creating recipes with what we had. We did not leave the cottage until two days in, and this was incredible! No frantic rush, just relaxed. I’m one to unplug to a certain degree, but what appealed to me was their upgraded internet connection. I like listening to my audible app and writing on my blog. This brings me joy and  comfort.

Here are some local, fun things to do!

Mad Local Restaurant in Madison

We stopped here for lunch. After checking out of our place, this was perfect timing. They open at 11:00. Their menu has unique items and a warm, local feel. I got the Skinny Bird wrap with the best sweet potato waffle fries.

From there we went to Yoder’s Country Market.

This was a specialty grocery store, bakery, deli, and cafe, along with a petting zoo for children. They sell outdoor furniture and showcased another store down the road that specializes in fountains and garden items. If you need unique outdoor furniture at a good price, it is worth the drive!

From Yoder’s we went to the fountain store, Southern Grace. Check out their website. He will ship any fountain to you from his website! Beautiful items for your outdoor garden.

Parish noticed a used car dealer who sells older, antique cars. He found his dream car, a 1957 Ford Country Squire! We stopped to talk to the owner and looked at the car. It was so refreshing to see someone who loved their job and truly “whistled while they worked!” He told Parish that “I never have a Monday! I love my job and ship cars to people all of the world.” He told Parish that he sold a car to a couple in Paris, France! He was so proud of his work. Parish and I were discussing the New Year and the Japanese term ikigai. We both smiled, and noted that we had found a great example of someone living their true ikigai.

Before heading home, we stopped at Tap 29 which also has a winery/tasting area with a lovely gift shop.

On Sunday we were able to watch our church service online! Thank you Chapel! We loved the focus on rest and restoring your soul.

The drive home included a beautiful sunset with the rolling hills of Virginia, old churches, beautiful homes, and farms.


Our last morning, there was a gentle rain and a mist over the mountains. It was very hard to say goodbye to this beautiful time away. I remembered the church bells when we arrived marking the hour to rest, and as we left the bells ringing to cheer us on to heading home.


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  1. ashleythomasrn says:

    Anna, it sounds like you and Parish were able to have a wonderful time relaxing in God’s creation as He drew the two of you closer as couple and to Him, our wonderful a creator! I love stopping at Yoder’s when I’m out that way! Have a blessed New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Blessings to you Ashley. I pray you are well!


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