Our Stories Are Changing

Stories have always intrigued me. A good storyteller who can hold your attention can bring renewed understanding on any topic or new material. We remember the content because we were emotionally connected to the story.

I read a blog that highlighted Chick-fil-A’s new employee training. Part of your training consists of a short video reminding them it’s not just a customer you are helping, but a human being with a story.

During this time of quarantine and uncertainty, stories are changing drastically. I know mine has. As my family is faced with financial uncertainty, a new baby being born Monday, isolation, and routines to keep everyone safe, I’m daily wrestling with my faith and trust. My Bible study this morning asked these questions:

“Do you believe God is everything He says He is? Do you trust Him?

If so, how are you living your life to tell His story?”

Now more than ever, we need empathy and grace. We need self-compassion (which is so hard), and we need to open our hearts and minds to the why behind the behavior, not the behavior itself. Instead of justifying our actions, we need to understand them. Be curious. Instead of judgment, we need to walk with the person through their discovery if they open the door to conversations. Be curious about the part we play in the dialogue and actions.


So many of you have shared your story with me, and our family is praying for you.  It’s a strange place to be–managing your own loss and grief, while also listening to others. Empathy is not fixing, but listening with connection. How odd to hear and listen, but to be socially isolated from each other. We took a meal and flowers to a friend who is dealing with her husband’s serious health problems. He has been hospitalized for weeks. There were times that she was not allowed to see him until they could confirm he did not have COVID-19.  Our visit consisted of putting the items on the porch, calling them, and talking from the sidewalk. No touching or contact.

I’ve had some folks say, and I’ve said,  “Now is not the time to worry about__________, we are in a world-wide health crisis.”  I’m going to stop saying that. Instead, how can we use our voice to heal, and how can we listen with kindness?

Let’s choose awkward, brave, and kind.

Some ideas for social connection:

Get the Zoom app! It’s amazing. You can also get for your desktop.

While on Zoom together, do what you’ve done before! Meetings, Training, Bible Study, Coffee shop trip from your home, etc….


While on Zoom create fun activities:

  • Icebreaker questions
  • Poll questions
  • A Karaoke night
  • Show and Tell–teach someone your craft/hobby
  • Book Clubs
  • Music-each person plays their favorite song and shares why it’s their favorite

Set goals for the day so you don’t find yourself at 8:00 p.m. still in your PJs. Share your goals with a friend. This holds you accountable.

Tackle that home project

GET OUTSIDE! Do something outdoors. A friend of mine shared this book for hiking! Make this a goal!  (Thanks Kim!)

Listen to podcasts. Your Iphone has an amazing podcast app. This is how you access the app.

  • One of my favorites is Hidden Brain.

Drink lots of water, take Vitamin D, eat healthy.

Play board games and get creative! We played Clue and dressed up using hats to act like the character we chose.

Consider a 3:00 mediation. (Thank you Chris!)

Most churches are doing virtual church! Check around for some options that meet your needs. Here is one option.

Feel free to share ideas in the comment section!

Peace and love to you….

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  1. viji daniel says:

    This was beautiful. God bless you and family, Anna! 

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Viji, Your devotion to God’s Word and His beauty bring us great joy! God bless your family. Anna


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