The God Who Sees

What we pray for will be revealed. What we expect and the reality of what is before us will often make us question if our prayers have been answered. The married couple becomes disenchanted when the bills pile up and the car needs repairs. The pregnant mom becomes overwhelmed when the reality of no sleep and her body transforms.

It’s perspective.

Perspective taking during pain or suffering shifts our thoughts to purpose, humility, and healing.

If you grew up avoiding conflict and pain, for whatever reason–personality or how you were raised–this may be difficult to grasp. What if your pain was welcomed with the knowledge that you will discover purpose, connect with others, and heal?

I’m not asking folks to walk around not in touch with their reality. Moms do get tired, yell, cry, and need naps. I’m talking about the inside stuff. The stuff that goes on in your mind, day in and day out. Don’t you want to say, “Hey, you! Stop that thought! You can think differently EVEN IF you don’t feel it. Feelings are fickle, and you can acknowledge them, but don’t you trust them to carry you though the hard times.

So many people found their purpose in their wilderness or desert, which is often used as a metaphor for suffering and pain, or challenges. David, afraid for his life, hid out in a cave for years. Jesus went into the wilderness after his baptism and a high five from God.  Joseph went to prison for something he did not do, and the Israelites wandered for 40 years complaining (just to name a few). One of my favorite people is Mother Teresa, and, she, too, wrote about her wilderness experiences. No one is immune to this time of purpose, humility, and healing. It’s what we do with it that counts.

Remember that God is with you always and cares for you deeply.

Ask God for the purpose and patience to discover it over time. Seek Him, expect Him to show up, and to reveal the purpose to you in His time.

Look around you at others struggling and humble yourself to learn from them. Be in community.

Heal by speaking your pain through prayers and scripture. Claim His Word over your pain.

Thank you Steve for this beautiful song that reminds us of God’s purpose! The God Who Sees by Kathie Lee Gifford & Nicole C. Mullen’s modern oratorio telling the stories of Hagar, Ruth, David, and Mary and the promises God made to them. Lyrics after the video.


Hagar was a single mother
She was abandoned by the family she belonged to
And there in the wilderness with her son alone
With very little provision
She was wondering
She was questioning
Does anyone care?

She’s crying in the desert
She’s lost in her despair
She thinks nobody loves her
Hagar thinks nobody’s there
But God says

I will be a ring of fire around her
And I will be the glory in her midst
And the power of my presence
Will bring her to her knees
And I will lift her up again
For I’m the God who sees
I’m the God who sees

Then He speaks in gentle whispers
And He softly calls her name
She feels His arms enfold her
As He holds her
And she’ll never be the same

‘Cause I’m the God who never changes
And My promises are true
And when this world deserts you
This is what I’ll do

And there is another woman named Ruth
She was from the land of Moab
And she was met with grief and heartache
She was a widow and she lived with her mother-in-law, who was also a widow
And now it was time to move on
But Ruth had never been to Bethlehem
She had never tasted of the House of Bread
But now she had heard an inner invitation to come and taste and see
And so she vowed herself to her mother-in-law
And she said where you go I will go
Where you lie I will lie
Where you die I will die
And she begins a journey to the Promised Land

She’s traveling through the desert
And she’s leaving her despair
She’s hoping for a future
Praying God will lead her there
And He says

I will put a ring around you finger
And I will bless a child within your womb
And the Savior will be born through you
To free the world from sin
And He’ll make all things new for you
And love you back to life again, again

And then from Ruth who gave birth to a son
Obed who gave birth to a son
Jesse who gave birth to a son
Named David
Now the same, once shepherd boy
Mighty warrior, anointed king is alone
Terrified in the darkness

He’s hiding in the desert
He’s battling despair
David thinks his life is over, it’s over
And God, He doesn’t care
But God says

I will be the Rock of your salvation
I’ll hold you up by the strength of My right hand
And the power of My Spirit
Will free you from all fear
In the hour of your deepest need
You’ll find that I am near
I am here

And I will be a ring of fire around you
And I will be the glory in your midst
And the power of My presence
Will bring you to your knees
Then I will lift you up again
For I’m the God who sees

And then from the line of David
Finally, Jesus the Messiah
The Anointed One, Yeshua, the Christ
Born in the same House of Bread to be the Bread of Life
In the town of Bethlehem
And He would grow
And He would be called the Son of God
He would be called Emmanuel, God With Us
And He would heal, and He would reveal
And then He had an encounter with a woman
Named Mary of Magdalene who was plagued by demons
Tormented by evil spirits, and Jesus set her free
And Mary followed Him, she listened at His feet
She served Him, and she loved Him
Oh how she loved Him
But then she watched as they nailed Him to the cross
And as they placed His body in the tomb
In that moment her hope died, it died

She’s crying in the garden
She’s broken in despair
She’s searching for her Savior
But His body isn’t there
Then He says, Mary

Glory, glory, glory, Hallelujah
I will be the glory in Your midst
And every knee will bow to Me
And every tongue confess
Yes all the world will worship Me
In all My Holiness

I will be a ring of fire around you
And I will be the glory in your midst
And the power of My presence
Will bring you to your knees
And I will lift you up again
For I’m the God who sees, who sees
I’m the God who sees
Oh I’m the God who sees, I see you
I’m the God who sees you in your wilderness
Sees you in your brokenness
When you’re feeling lonely, I’m the God who sees
In the desert places, in your empty spaces
I’m the God who sees
I’m nearer than you dare believe
Here in the very air you breathe
I’m the God who sees You

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