Take a hike!

We all find ourselves searching for opportunities to experience something other than our new reality. I’m grateful beyond belief that I continue to have a job, and I can work remotely. Working remotely has been incredibly efficient for some aspects of my job. I can get up early and work all day from my office without travel time, “get ready” time, or break room chats. I love the creative aspect of my tasks; however, my physical body is needing more attention. I got up from my desk one day, and asked my husband to find a hiking trail. I had to walk, get some sun, and get out of the house. I want to share with you some trails we’ve discovered and some old ones we’ve enjoyed. I hope this will inspire you to get out and get walking, running, or riding your bike.

Pocahontas Park, Chesterfield, VA

When we go to Pocahontas State Park, we walk the Beaver Lake Trail. This trail is filled with beauty and easy to walk. It is a little over 2 miles. There are some hills, but for the most part a straight path. Not conducive for a stroller on some parts of the trail. I have an active 4 year old grand-daughter, and she was able to walk the entire trail in her dress shoes. We encouraged her to wear tennis shoes, but she was determined, and bless her, she ended up with little blisters on her heals. She slept good that night.

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What are the best walking trails in Richmond, VA?

When you click on the hyperlink, you will discover all the trails in Richmond! I did not realize that Richmond had so many amazing trails for us to discover. To date, we’ve completed the following:

Belle Isle Trail

We took my grand-daughter on this trail. It was stroller friendly, but you do have some narrow areas. This will be a workout for the adult pushing the stroller. You end up at Belle Isle with historical buildings and a bike ramp area for children. You cross a bridge overlooking the James River, and Adelaide was curious about the people swimming and laying on the rocks. Part of your walk is beside the railroad tracks, and it is fun when a train happens to be rolling down the tracks.

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Adelaide loves the city. She went to Joe’s Inn with us for pizza and milk, and we walked across the street to get some candy from Shield’s Market. We told her all about our first date over 32 years ago at Joe’s Inn. “He held your hand?”, she exclaimed with curiosity. After that, she remembered the car wash we went through several weeks ago and screamed, “Let’s do a car wash!” Why not?!

Maymont Park Garden Trail

This trail is in Maymont Park, and if you’ve lived in Richmond and the surrounding areas, you’ve visited here. Maymont is a Richmond favorite. My youngest and I had the best time walking around with my mom. She loves flowers and gardening. At 89 years old she walked up and down stairs and navigated the path so well! After our walk, we went to Boulevard Burgers and Brew for hamburgers, hot dogs, and milkshakes. You ordered online, and we enjoyed in our car. They have the best fried pickles!

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Texas Beach Trail

Whew! This one on the return will give you the exercise your legs and heart are asking for! You descend to an elevation to get to Texas Beach. We wanted to make a circle, but at the end were railroad tracks that we did not feel comfortable crossing to find our way to Pump Road near Maymont. We turned around, and looked forward to the stairs to climb, to cross the bridge, to climb the hill to the parking lot. Needles to say, you can’t take a stroller. There were so many people enjoying the beach area with their music, picnic, tents, and the laughter was soothing to the soul. We met friendly people along the path, and it was nice to exchange a smile and a “hello!”. We walked around 3 miles. We stopped at Beauvine Burger and ate outside. THE BEST HAMBURGER IN RICHMOND! 

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We noticed that many created their own rock cairns. We created one together as a couple to symbolize peace and hope in our journey together as a couple.


There are so many other trails in Richmond to explore! This website has features to log your journey and connect with other travelers.

I’d love to hear from you if you venture out and discover a trail that you enjoy!


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