Collecting “This is what it’s all about” Moments

It is almost December 1, and we are so excited to celebrate the season of love, joy, and redemption. As today starts the first Sunday of Advent, I would love to express some thoughts and ideas.

This Thanksgiving was different due to the pandemic. I almost get tired of saying things like that because it is a reminder, and it seems to bring up uncertainty and “the crazy”. I don’t know what else to call it but that. I purposefully did not write about all the things we could not do in my Thanksgiving post from the other day. I chose to write about what we did to create joy. In that joy and less running around, my mind and soul found a new place to ponder or breathe.

I may not hug you or see you, but my prayer life has increased tremendously, and I think of you often. I “see” people in my heart, and I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for you.

You know I love the Pray as You Go app. Their emphasis on Advent and the verses from Isaiah 64:1, 3-8 brought a freshness. The interactive study asks, “What would you like God to be doing at the moment?”

Oh my goodness! At the moment. A forced focus on this moment, right now. Have you been caught up in the future that you can’t enjoy your moments?

I think my family is shifting to moments in our own way.

Here is a picture of my daughter in a moment. Travelling with small children is hard, especially if one needs to be nursed, and the other is a vivacious 4 year old.

My youngest bought a book for us to journal in and share as mother/daughter. You can get this for 5.00 at Target in the bargain section at the front.

I bought a date night advent calendar for another couple for Christmas to enjoy moments, and I decided to get one for Parish and I. Yesterday, I said, “I sure would love a hot bath.” My husband cleaned the hallway bathroom tub, filled it with hot water and salts, added candles and made this happen for me. The heat and attention to my muscles with the salts brought such physical and emotional healing.

Right now, I’m watching the sun come up in my favorite spot in the house. Thank you God for one more day.

My youngest loves Christmas. I took an advent calendar and bought simple treasures for her to unwrap each day. Parish and I went to Carytown a few weeks ago and went into her favorite shops to find little token gifs. You can get the advent calendar from Hallmark.

I received a “save the date” invite from a couple! They are engaged, and we look forward to the moment of their celebration! A moment to reflect on their love story and pray for them.

My daughter’s school assignment became a way for us to connect and talk about her lifestory.

Yesterday, watching the movie “The Christmas Story”, Parish and I laughed ourselves silly. A classic movie. I’m not one to watch television during the day. Sitting on the sofa, crocheting, and laughing brought a joyful moment.

Our neighbor decorated for Christmas! At first all the leaf blowing noise was an irritant. After a few hours, I peeked out the window and saw their beautiful yard! Lord, help us to see beauty not irritation.

I received a text from a friend reminding me of a birthday dinner many years ago. I stopped and reflected on the value of friendship and meaningful gatherings.

I listened to a podcast on the importance of recognizing the moments we live for. The moment you say “this is what it’s all about”. I cried in the movie when the dad gave the son his first BB gun. The movie has so many events and family dynamics, but the climax is the father/son connection over a little boy’s dream and a father’s love. The movie closes with the couple having their moment with a glass of wine, listening to Christmas music, the lights out, the tree glowing, and the snow coming down outside the window. He invites his wife over to pause and enjoy the beauty of the moment. You know the movie. The neighbor’s dogs eat their Christmas meal, the little boy breaks his glasses, and the mom is crying in a “I’m done, can’t do this anymore way”. Off they go for duck at a local Chinese restaurant.

Watch this 30 second video of the duck scene. Listen to their laughter. I know we will get angry, cry, and have so many emotions this Christmas. I think just accepting that we are human and emotions are energy expelled, neither bad nor good, we can work together to treasure the moments.

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