Learning to Walk

It is something about a baby turning one and learning to walk. The motor skills that are required to push yourself up after a fall, balance, and put one foot in front of the other creates laughter and a tenacious spirit along with some bumps and bruises. Our grandson is learning to walk. We playfully engaged in the game of “come here, you can do it, you got this, come on” throughout the evening.

Interestingly, he loved walking while holding one hand. As soon as you let go, he would pause and give it his all until he would tumble and get up and try again.

Consequently, crawling was a natural go to after he tired of the walking game. He went from cautious slow movements to a fast paced crawl to get where he was going. Like a little bug scurrying away from the human, he laughed and giggled with his little bum toddling left, right, left, right. Perfect coordination.

I’m reminded of all the times we learn something new. How important to have a mentor hold our hand to guide us and let go when we are ready to try. They know we will fall eventually, but they are there to help us up again, and they seem to never get tired of lifting us up. In fact, mentors anticipate mistakes and, with smiles and laughter, support their students until one day they are walking with the human skill of automaticity. While learning, we often go back to what we know. We crawl back to comfort. This is easier and more familiar. It’s what we need to give us strength to try again and to remind ourselves that each step has its purpose. There is a process. We crawl and then we walk. We walk and then we run. It’s the going in and out for awhile that helps us solidify the next step. Once you learn to walk with confidence, crawling is never used again to get where you are going.

Our perfect mentor is there guiding us through all the transitions and seasons of our lives. He never gives up on us or leaves us stuck between the old and the new. We may find ourselves in the waiting, but He is never stagnant or without purpose.

I pray we find ourselves connected not only to our Creator but also to those who pick us up when we stumble and cheer us on once again. My grand-daughter asked if she could get the other family members to cheer her on. I asked her what she meant by “cheering her on”. I was helping her on her bike, and she had learned to turn her bike around and pedal down the hill with great speed!

“I want everyone to come outside and cheer me on. Like, they say, go Adelaide, go!”

A simple thing to ask and we made her wish come true. Everyone cheered in their special way as she flew down the street. How clever of her to ask for the affirmation and cheers.

When did we get so prideful or apathetic not to ask for help?

Who are you cheering on? Why is this so important? Who cheers you on in life? Have you thanked them lately?

May you know that you are worthy of His perfect love. He is cheering you on!

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