Arrested by Grace

When our heart is open to the message of God, He delivers!  Can you believe I argued with God not wanting to sing Amazing Grace during my quiet time on the beach with Him?  I was struck by the fact that everyone sings that song, and it has become like Happy Birthday. God spoke to my heart to sing, and the song poured forth.  In that moment I began to think about John Newton’s story, and his amazing grace experience as I wrote about previously.  Today I was checking out David Jeremiah’s broadcast and he had a sermon on John Newton and the power of God’s grace.  God’s mercy is His response to the things in our lives, His Grace is a gift, above and beyond what we deserve.  He shared the history of John Newton’s life, and how he preached until he was 80 years old.  He died singing and preaching the amazing grace of God.  John by all odds should have died, not succeeded in his schooling being an uneducated man, or could have drowned in self-pity; yet, he was arrested by God’s grace and was never the same.  We do not seek God, He seeks us.  When we are open to His presence and life changing grace, He will begin to do things in us and our family that we could never have imagined. 

John Newton became a great leader of his time because he acknowledged his strength and knowledge came from God’s grace.  After only two years of school as a youngster, and then later in life teaching himself in preparation for seminary, he would not only write sermons each week, but compose a song to go along with his sermon.  Amazing Grace was one of  his songs.  If you check out you will find over 3000 renditions of Amazing Grace.  The song that was written over 200 years ago, is still in the hearts of those seeking His grace.

David Jeremiah’s Message:

The Captivating Presence of Grace (6/28/2012)

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