Amazing Grace

Sitting at the shore watching the waves crash, I began to sing the song How Great Thou Art, and then Amazing Grace.  I imagined John Newton on a slave trade ship headed to sell the ones who survived the trip.  Did Mr. Newton experience the greatness of the ocean, and his soul well up with questions like so many sojourners of the sea?  I sit here worshipping and thanking God for His amazing grace in my life, and wonder how deep the gratitude that Mr. Newton felt when he realized the gravity of his profession and cried out to God for forgiveness.  Only that kind of grace would take a navy man to seminary, to the courts to help abolish slave trade, and cause the song Amazing Grace to spring from his soul to his fingers, for us to sing with tears strolling down our faces.  Jesus told a story about a sinful woman who washed His feet with her tears and hair, and shared with disgusted onlookers, because she sinned much, she loves much.  I can’t imagine the all-consuming grace that John felt when he knew his sins would not be held against him, and he was truly completely forgiven. After this knowledge, John loved much.  Do we love like this?  Do we love as if we acknowledge the unmerited grace in our lives?  Jesus I thank you for the same grace you’ve offered me.  Help us to give back to our world like John Newton and be a powerful change to those around us.

Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin (movie clips from Amazing Grace – the story of slave trade and John Newton):

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