Deborah House

Deborah House is a ministry to those in Romania who have experienced abuse as a young girl.  They come to this home to know the love of Jesus, engage in life changing counseling, and experience the redeeming love of Jesus.  I have a friend who left Virginia to travel to Deborah House to minister to the females through Bible Study, prayer, and love.  They are teaching Esther!  How awesome!  They will be sharing that God can use anyone for His work, and it is “such a time as this” that His love can pour into your life and you can be healed and used by Him!  AMEN!  Esther was an orphan, and God made her a Queen, and used her for His glory!

The purpose of Deborah House is to offer rescue, sanctuary, therapy, counseling, education, and hope, in a Christian home environment, with the goal that each girl will reclaim her life from the shadow of her abuser.

Over the last seven years, Deborah House has successfully implemented post-trauma treatment programs for abused girls…programs that are unique within Romania. Providing much more than residential care, Deborah House assesses and treats both physical and sexual abuse, as well as related behavioral disorders. The foundation of the Deborah program is individual therapy, counseling, and intensive tutoring in both school work and vital social skills.

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