Holy Spirit working things out

Like dominoes falling it seems the Holy Spirit is fast at work in your life and other times it feels stagnant.  I met a friend for dinner after class, and she shared with me how my going forward with my degree had spurred her on to follow her dreams.  Her words of encouragement over my life, and her honest confession of the struggle was one of the dominoes. Click! The other domino was when she felt inspired to return to school after reading my VCU blog post. Click! Her encouragement created a desire for me to start a spiritual blog, and a beautiful friend at work joined me on my blog journey during a significant loss in her life! Click! I had lunch today with a co-worker/friend who confirmed my journey, cried with me, lifted me, and spoke words of encouragement into my soul.  Click! My father, spoke a message directly to a situation he knew nothing about, but the words were fitting.  Click! God seeks us.  Reaches for us. Shows us His love over and over again.  

What is most significant about this domino event is that life has been challenging at best!  Things are not going so well in some areas of my life, but according to God’s continued hand in my life, HE HAS NOT GIVEN UP ON ME!  I love the Kari Jobe song that says: “I know that you are for me.  I know that you will not forsake me in my weaknesses.”  So God is in the struggle.  He will lift you up and set you on the right path.  Remember the song, Every Time I feel the Spirit?


 Every time I feel the spirit          

 Movin’ in my heart I will pray           

Every time I feel the spirit           

Movin’ in my heart I will pray      

When we feel the Spirit moving, let us acknowledge it and pray!  Keep it coming Lord!  Move in our hearts even through the struggles, and help us to see you IN the struggle with us. CLICK!

He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit (NIV)  Titus  3:5

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