Small note on why so many posts!

Okay, so you’ve probably seen just about enough of Anna Hebb today via email.  I’m sorry.  I’m studying for an exam and want to share my studies and information with co-workers who are going through the same exam and process.  I will add things that are password protected ONLY BECAUSE I don’t want you to have to read clincial things unless you want to!  🙂  So, if you want to read it the password is LCSW.  Clever, huh?  Otherwise when you see protected you can just pass on through unless of course you are interested in the use of paradoxical intent in therapy or what method of therapy was founded by Albert Ellis.

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  1. klasick54 says:

    Thanks Anna, I’m good on all that theory stuff….I’ll leave all of it to you! Loving your blog..So timely!


    1. Those note cards I sent were created straight from the study guide from the folks who create the exam. SO! YOU are good on theory stuff? What do you have that you can send me? 🙂 I’ll take it!!!!! I’m cramming and jamming.
      I’m glad you are travelling this road with me…….it means so much!


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