God’s Table of Blessings

Rushing around cleaning house and my table stopped me in my tracks.  God said to my heart, “Stop and notice.”  I could either race around in a feverish pursuit or stop and be thankful.  On my table with food crumbs underneath and dirty dishes in the sink, I purposefully choose to see what good things abound in my home. 

I thank you Jesus for Your Word open and my husband pouring himself into the study of Revelation for Vivian’s friends – WOW. 

I thank you Jesus for friends we pray for and their service to you.

I thank you Jesus for a vase full of sunflowers from a daughter who saw fit to rejoice with me, and surprise me with a gift.

I thank you Jesus for growing old with Parish and as our vision fades and our eye sight grows weak, our love grows stronger.  We help each other see and we will guide each other towards old age. 

I thank you father for letters from friends that share encouraging words.  Jesus an encouraging word is good to the bones and cheers us on! 

I thank you Jesus for little notecards, pens, and game plans from Vivian and her lively spirit to lead her friends in games and laughter. 

I thank you Jesus for plates of yummy food made by my daughter and her boyfriend – didn’t ask for it, just provided extra love and care for the night. 

I thank you Jesus for a dirty table-cloth – no time to clean it, but all those little stains and marks are from dinners past.

 I thank you Jesus for Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries and all the young ladies who love you deeply and want so much to learn more about You. 

 I thank you for the privilege to mentor them, watch them grow in YOU, and to walk this journey with them.

 Lord, Jesus, we thank you…… 

Psalm 32:7   “Thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.” Long before you woke up this morning and long after you go to sleep tonight, the Spirit of God was circling you with songs of deliverance.  He has been circling you since the day you were conceived, and He’ll circle you until the day you die.  He is praying hard for you with ultrasonic groans that cannot be formulated into words, and those unutterable intercessions should fill you with an unspeakable confidence.  God isn’t just for you in some passive sense; God is for you in the most active sense imaginable.  The Holy Spirit is praying hard for you.  And supernatural synchronicities begin to happen when we tag-team with God and do the same.”  (Batterson, page 83-84) 

Parish and I have been praying prayer circles around our marriage and family.  We were brave enough to share our marriage was rocky and needed healing in a direction of our focus.  God is answering our prayers and it’s in the small things.  God is calling me as a busy wife to slow down and take notice (that’s huge for me – another post for another day). Anything I write about is a strong joyful and at times painful journey.  This blog is not a diary but a place for us to learn from each other.  If this has hit a place in your heart in regards to a relationship, circumstance, job, role ……stop and think about how to apply the meaning of this post to your life. 

It has nothing to do with me.  I wish I could somehow be anonymous.  Don’t think “Parish and Anna” but rather think of two ordinary, messy people who need Jesus so desperately, and they are crying out to Him.  As we cry out to Him, He is answering little by little.  Can you ask Jesus to show you this week a moment, a picture in time that you can take in which you can thank Him, and see Him at work?  Oh, you know how much I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THAT PICTURE! 

Psalm 32:7 tells us He is praying circle’s around us!  🙂  How marvelous!  Wonderful!  Peaceful! 

Allow Jesus to show you His synchronicities in your life!  Connect the dots!

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  1. Charlene says:

    I am not sure how to post a photo to this, so I will just decribe for now….Every morning I walk to our pond with our puppies – I call them puppies, but they are now a year old and weigh 60 and 80 pounds (Scarlett and Bo). Anyway, the peace that surrounds me is so incredible. Now that we live way out in the country on 20 acres, there is no sound of traffic – just nature and God’s voice – one in the same, I feel. I watch the spiders spin their webs on the cattails as the sun slowly comes over the horizon. This time of year, the mist or fog is coming off the pond. It is still and reflects the area surrounding it – I see a mirror image of the sky, clouds and trees. It makes me realize that when our minds are still, we can better reflect what God wants for us. But when we are noisy and “rippled” like when the wind blows, the reflection gets distorted and we can no longer see (or hear) with clarity like in the stillness, paying attention to the little things, because, after all, everything is significant, no matter how small.


    1. Be still and know that I am God. Amen! Char, we would love a picture of that area if you can send via email and I will post along with your comments! I would love to see the pond and the spider webs! I took a walk with you while reading this.


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